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ISB Global is an OutSystems partner and has utilised the platform to build and support mobile and web applications, integrating to ERP and creating innovation platforms in multiple private industry verticals and the public sector. OutSystems is a multi-award winning low code mobile, web, connectivity and interactivity platform that allows for the design of mobile, web applications and effective customer experience. Mobile workforce applications, work flows, process logic and operational dashboards. Integrate, rebuild process and business critical applications. Utilise the platform, our product and industry expertise, existing and new data sources, connect, develop and realise true digital transformation.

ISB Global Outsystems Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

OutSystems uses one environment to design user interface, logic, process, integration and APIs. Design components include fluid grids and interface widgets to deliver the OutSystems user interface. Codeless, mobile and web themes, patterns and screen templates allow a responsive framework to be utilised without the constraints of traditional languages. Ensuring quick deployment, multiple environment adaptability and instant user satisfaction.

Mastermind Mobile

ISB Global Outsystems Web Applications

Web Applications

OutSystems makes web applications, portals, work flows, processes and engagement simple. Comprehensive, well designed user experiences are easily delivered with drag and drop functionality. Visual models allow for the incorporation of existing code and prebuilt components to deliver rapid projects. Integrate back office with preconfigured integration connectors. Built-in life cycle and delivery tools ensure speed and accuracy when responding to change.

Purposeful Portals

ISB Global Outsystems Integrate Everything

Integrate Everything

OutSystems can configure integration without the need for custom code. Integration with SOAP, REST, SAP and external databases is built in. Developers can use methods and structure to visually build application logic. Configured connection and URL reduce time to develop and debug integration logic, generated automatically by OutSystems. Reusable integration, performance and centralised configuration ensure delivery, not debugging.

Configure & Connect

ISB Global Outsystems Low Code

Low Code

OutSystems allows for the extension of apps with custom code in an open standards platform, no lock in, proprietary data models or run time constraints. Open by-design, all layers can be added to. Expanding templates, widgets and patterns to enhance user interface, back-end integration to databases and existing systems with reusable elements. Made collaborative and easy, quick to deploy apps, reinforcing development knowledge and avoiding typical coding risks.

Speed Design

ISB Global Outsystems Application Platform

Application Platform

OutSystems provides components, tools, environments and code generation to create extensible apps that run on standard application servers without locking into proprietary technology. The platform server helps performance, security, continuous delivery and innovation. Managed processes generate, optimise, compile and deploy to standard web application server. Transparent, no lock in, swift, accurate development.

Coherent Course

ISB Global Outsystems Building Applications

Building Applications

OutSystems is a low code application delivery platform using a single integrated development environment covering the full lifecycle, development quality, deployment, monitoring and management. Allowing, scalable, enterprise grade development, supporting complex logic, extensive applications, reusable code, multiple languages and multi tenancy. Delivering mobile and web apps, fast cycles and the realisation of digital transformation.

Complete Change

ISB Global Outsystems Enterprise Grade

Enterprise Grade

OutSystems allows for multiple, flexible cloud infrastructure deployment options, hybrid or on-premise. Compliance, security, encryption, identity management and auditing are provided as standard and include updates, tools and automated processes. Vertical and horizontal scalability support containers and micro services. Automated dependency, design time alerts and logging ensure future-proof architecture, fit for purpose and rapid scaling.

Extensive Capability

ISB Global Outsystems Architecture & Performance

Architecture & Performance

OutSystems delivers standard design time validation, code containment, distributed architecture, fault tolerances, network zone management, source code and resource optimisation. Scaling, balancing, clustering and proxies increase high volume transactional performance. Applications automatically create error, audit and performance logs and dashboards visualise obstacles to trouble shoot and allow for immediate correction.

Accomplished Structure

ISB Global Outsystems Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

OutSystems facilitates digital transformation and rapid change by delivery of a low code platform for digital operations. Integrating mobile and web apps, forms, workflows with systems of record. Digital experiences that demand customer apps, business portals and field apps, design, scalability and security. Replacing digital core to help with aging systems and highly customised applications, keeping up to date and relevant.

Construct Revolution

ISB Global Outsystems Customer Experience

Customer Experience

OutSystems delivers incredible mobile and web user experiences, quickly, securely, accurately and to scale to create omnichannel continuity. Prebuilt user interface patterns and templates support immediate and reusable designs. Full stack visual development realises drag and drop, process, logic and data models. Automated integration and extension with custom code saves time, cycles and effort with compile and deploy activities.

Stakeholder Collaboration

ISB Global Outsystems Digital Operations

Digital Operations

OutSystems creates, supports and enhances mobile, web, forms, workflows and integration with operations platforms. Effective, scalable development and deployment produces user interfaces that improve business process for mobile field operations. Monitor business and performance activities by dashboards designed from multiple data sources. Allowing quick advance, modernisation and change to keep up with the pace of technology.

Industry Advance

ISB Global Outsystems Digital Core

Digital Core

OutSystems supports ERP and legacy systems customisation by combining nimble visual development, integration, security and scalability. Enabling re-platforming and re-factoring to deliver enhanced, integrated business processes throughout. Architecture that boosts performance and flexibility, without the constraints of proprietary technologies, just leaving the advantage of easy coding, growth and great usability.

Revise & Modernise