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RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software

September 17, 2019

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SmartWorld RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software

SmartWorld Logix Suite Low Code Mobile & Web Apps

RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software is ISB Global’s extension of SAP, Waste & Recycling One to a low code, mobile, web and connectivity innovation platform branded SmartWorld, built on the OutSystems platform. A suite of prebuilt, preintegrated applications deliver agility and stability using traditional, efficient safe control, accurate data and processes from SAP, Waste & Recycling One. While being able to quickly tailor the existing application suite or deliver new functionality, data capture, workflow and interface to suit user and requirement, on any device, any operating system – connect to everything, connect to everyone. 

SmartWorld RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software

SmartWorld RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software is the waste and recycling logistics planning and scheduling app from ISB Global. RoutiLogix utilises SAP Waste & Recycling One for a range of master data, work order and vehicle information. Providing a flexible web app environment in which to refine planning, scheduling, optimisation, execution of work order, integration to onboard equipment, round management and data capture of activities while in the field.

RoutiLogix can be used in conjunction with DriviLogix, the SmartWorld mobile driver app. DriviLogix displays an easy to use interface and environment for the driver to carry out the routes, work order instructions, manage shifts, breaks, additional data and photographic evidence such as contaminations that invoke penalty charges.

The SmartWorld RoutiLogix and DriviLogix apps have been designed to tailor interface, connection and logic to suit the ever-changing requirements of software for the industry sector and dynamic field environments.

ISB Global SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps RoutiLogix

RoutiLogix – Data Settings

SmartWorld RoutiLogix offers a range of data planning settings so that information can be accurately captured on routes, jobs and driver activities. The expected weights from collections, vehicle and material constraints, additional contact details, and workflow configurations that detail work order instructions and the different actions required for certain job types.

SmartWorld RoutiLogix allows for a range of parameters to be set that detail the instruction of what to do as part of the work order when on customer site, ensuring unambiguous direction to field crews. This includes any constraints that are a result of the type of material, container, required vehicle and driver. Process and order configuration can also include any additional instructions that are a requirement of the order type, customer, material, container or set of tasks.

RoutiLogix – Data Maintenance

SmartWorld RoutiLogix allows for a range of data maintenance to be managed within the application. The driver and vehicle relationship, configuration of the transport unit, weights, time and distance costs, units of measure and material types. Work schedules can be uploaded for ease and speed. Additional site information to aid in planning and information capture, geolocations, site types, zonal planning, service time and any constraints on the customer site.

Products, materials and containers are also managed in the maintenance area in synchronisation with master data in SAP, Waste & Recycling One. One set of data ensures tight control and determination of relationship between planning data, data that is captured while carrying out the tasks and the difference between both. Variance in data is collected, material quality, order price altered and customer service activity directed as necessary.

RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software – Customer Site Management

SmartWorld RoutiLogix allows for the update of sites. The information is synchronised between RoutiLogix and the data source SAP, Waste & Recycling One. Site types aid with job type and route management. Planning areas help with zonal transport constraints. Site time windows can detail any constraints when the work order is not suitable to be executed. Site details give broad instructions to enable route planning. Planning areas detail territories and boundaries for optimising routes.

SmartWorld RoutiLogix allows for greater planning accuracy by utilising an optimisation engine. This is an automated process and takes the configuration parameters in RoutiLogix. Including the work order, materials, vehicles, costs and geocodes from site information and calculates the quickest cost-effective route. Taking into consideration traffic predictions, constraints and incidents, rest planning, distances travelled, multiple vehicles, multiple stops, capacities, services times and site time window constraints.

The optimisation engine is configurable and can be utilised choosing the parameters that best fit the type of business operation and the frequency optimisation needs to be completed.

RoutiLogix – Cost Optimisation Parameters

RoutiLogix allows for a vehicle, data and configurations to be assigned a cost group based on a unit of measure for distance and time. The assigned cost group can then be used by the optimser to calculate the most effective vehicle for the route.

RoutiLogix – Planning, Scheduling & Refining

The orders are available in RoutiLogix ready for scheduling, optimising and refining. The orders can be dragged onto the route to assign a suitable vehicle, based on the data configuration settings.

A range of configuration settings determine constraints when adding jobs to routes and assigning vehicles. Comprehensive master data is captured when implementing the software and used to govern a variety of settings and rules.


ISB Global SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps DriviLogix

RoutiLogix – Integration with DriviLogix

RoutiLogix and DriviLogix work in conjunction. A range of configurations can take place in RoutiLogix to determine the driver’s workflow, tasks, activities and available functions. Shift start, checks, call the office, start and finish a break, report an issue, job failure, camera use, penalty reason code, site instructions, collection specific workflow, emergency tipping, fuel and mileage management. Additional configurations can be added to the workflow easily to accommodate dynamic scenarios associated with materials and site collections.

RoutiLogix displays the list of planned, sequenced and if using the optimser, new enhanced job sequence. As each job is completed in sequence the map displays any deviation in route and the live vehicle whereabouts. The job list on the RoutiLogix scheduling screen displayed here is updated with completed notifications and summary if there is a variance according to plan.

RoutiLogix Route Optimisation Software – Shift Close & Variance Capture

RoutiLogix allows users to capture exceptions and variances against planned work orders. Differences in weight, volume, quantity or tolerances within the contract. Integration with onboard weighing allows for weights to be captured against each lift and if out of tolerance highlighted incorrect for any additional penalty pricing master data and contractual agreements. Routed through a customer service call activity process to ensure the customer is aware of the breach.

RoutiLogix has several reports available in real time or at shift end. This includes key information on vehicles, routes completed, jobs completed, jobs failed, weight recycled, breaks, distance travelled. Any defective equipment from check lists, odometer data capture, fuel and additives consumption. Any deviation from planned route and how this is represented and recorded on a map. Materials collected and recycled. A driver app interaction report. Onboard weighing data and numerous source data to extract for further analysis.