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Waste Resource & Recycling Software Solutions

ISB Global has developed software for waste recycling industry solutions, supporting private companies and public authorities hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal and recycling materials operations. Optimising transport planning and scheduling for waste collection. Connecting mobile operations, teams and waste vehicle equipment. Managing recycling, reprocessing and refurbishing production line activities. Controlling inbound material feedstock and raw material inventory sales within supply loops for reuse in secondary manufacturing processes.

ISB Global Waste Management Software

Waste Management Software

ISB Global has designed Waste & Recycling One in the low code, multi experience development platform OutSystems. The software is mobile and web native, and supports integration for internet of things (IoT). Includes waste transport, recycling materials operations and is preintegrated to SAP. Using master data and true integration, Waste & Recycling One increases accuracy, speed and profitability while eradicating redundant administration.

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ISB Global Waste & Recycling One Materials Management

Materials Management

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One to manage multiple waste material resources. To record the chemical and physical analysis according to globally recognised standards. Track the movement of waste materials according to legislation and the recycling and reprocessing, storage and inventory of materials to safe recycling. Embedding new technologies to further enhance the efficiency of materials auditability.

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ISB Global Circular Economy

Circular Economy

ISB Global and Waste & Recycling One helps to manage the value of inorganic compounds and organic materials flows in open and closed loop supply chain models. Trace material batch, characteristics, components, products and material yields through mass balance reporting. Provide, laboratory, QA, inventory, production, serial number and asset lifecycle management. Publishing data for traceability through the supply loop.

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ISB Global Recycling Material Operations

Recycling Material Operations

Waste & Recycling One supports materials recycling facilities, reprocessing, refurbishing, manufacturing and hazardous waste disposal. Aiding logistics, warehousing and inventory. Managing materials, contracts, forecasting, planning and capacity required to recycle materials for secondary markets. And equipment uptime and maintenance for healthy, safe and efficient recycling and reprocessing operations.

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