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October 2023 Newsletter

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Market Intelligence Report

ISB Global’s Market Intelligence Officer, Matthew Gawn has been invited to speak on a technology panel discussing new and emerging technologies that can help support and drive the circular economy. Going Tech! Circularities Next Frontier, will be investigating disruptive technologies offering solutions to current and future challenges, data, decentralisation, infrastructure, RFID, automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Continuous Improvement.

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News we thought was of interest

‘Simpler’ Recycling ‘Launched’

“The government finally set out its ‘Simpler Recycling’ plans this weekend (21 October), more than two years after the latest consultation. The move has been widely welcomed by the sector, though concerns have been raised from the paper industry that commingling is allowed. Many had been hoping for paper and card to be separated.” LetsRecycle published a live blog in which industry could comment and leave their thoughts, check the link below:

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WRAP releases Plastics Market Situation Report

“The 2022 Plastics Market Situation report updates on the amount of plastic packaging Placed On the Market (POM), collection rates, recycling rates, and provides an update on key developments over the past few years highlighting the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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NGO’s Call on EU to update e-waste / WEEE policy

“27 environmental NGOs call on the European Commission to rapidly overhaul the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive). Sustainability and the circular economy must play a larger role in future legislation if we are to stay within our planet’s limits – the WEEE Directive offers a valuable opportunity to introduce sufficiency measures for electronics.”

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EPA USA Reports on Food Waste & Methane Emissions from Landfill

“The U.S. EPA released a pair of reports on Thursday that reset the table for food waste reduction efforts. The analysis found that 58% of the fugitive methane emissions from MSW landfills come from food waste, and reexamined the life cycle impacts of different ways to address organic waste to prevent more of those emissions.”

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National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) Report on required Waste & Recycling Infrastructure

“The report projects around £500 million per year in public investment will be required over the next 30 years to safely collect, process and dispose of municipal and industrial waste. The Commission also says private investment will be required to increase recycling capacity.” (Circular)

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SAP Sustainability Blog & Research – Follow Leadership in Sustainability Practice

“What Experience Says About Sustainability – Survey respondents say that sustainability is important to their future. That will require making sustainability a talent that is second nature to everyone in the company. Learn lessons from companies that have already started.”

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9 Billion Kilos of Hidden E-Waste Thrown Away Each Year

“In all, 9 billion kilograms of so-called “invisible” e-waste is thrown away every year, worth nearly $10 billion, according to the analysis. Around one-third of this waste comes from children’s toys containing hidden electronics, some 3.2 billion kilograms. Toys contribute 77 times more to the world’s invisible e-waste than vapes, which account for 42 million kilograms a year. The UN estimates that 844 million vapes are thrown away every year.”

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