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March 2023 Newsletter

A debrief highlighting the most important, impactful and interesting topics affecting the sector.

Market Intelligence Report

An update on Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking & subsequent newsworthy items.

This months report gives a brief overview on the updates of the Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking. Software development has started and the teams are testing hazardous consignment note and green list waste export and import controls.

ISB Global continue to work with clients and users to develop and extend the already world leading Waste & Recycling One to scope aspects of the Mandatory Digital Waste Tracking and potential impact on operations.

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News we thought was of interest

ISB Global & CIWM ‘Software Technology Review & Alignment Research’

In Spring 2022 the CIWM and ISB Global launched a research project to better help understand perception and use of software in the UK waste industry. The project started with an extensive questionnaire, then in November 2022 the teams presented the information to a focus group to gather greater insight. The initial analysis was then collated and further presented in a webinar to a different sample audience to check on answers, help alleviate bias and to ensure impartiality.

Phase 3 is now underway and will see the information collated from phases 1 (questionnaire and focus group) and 2 (webinar) to produce a report detailing the results of the research. We have posted some of the research findings and an insight into the productivity of the UK sector.

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“Green Day”

The UK Government published more than 2,800 pages of documents on Thursday (30 March) outlining plans to improve energy security, green the finance system and make its net-zero strategy lawful. We thought these Edie summaries were really good.

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WRAP’s Policy Recommendation for Textiles

To help Defra collect the evidence and insights needed to make an informed decision on textile policy in the UK, WRAP has gathered insights from stakeholders to develop the Textiles Policy Options Report. The report sets out policy options that could help halve the quantity of textiles in residual waste over the next 10 years and reduce carbon emissions associated with the sector.

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Systemiq Report on Circular Plastics in Norway

The “Achieving Circularity” study outlines the current consumption of plastic in 7 major sectors, covering ~80% of Norwegian plastic consumption (currently ~78% linear). It seeks a “North Star” for the most ambitious levels of Circularity and Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) abatement that could be realistically achieved by the Norwegian plastic system.

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IPCC “Survival Guide for Humanity” 

The message could not be clearer, we need ambition and change now. The report has been described “as a “final warning” that the window to deliver the emissions cuts needed to advert the worst physical climate impacts is closing, and that efforts to adapt to climate change will only become vastly more challenging and costly in a warmer future”.

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SAP & Oxford Economics Green Gap Report

Study shows sustainability drives business success – While sustainability initiatives drive efficiency, reputation, and profits – most plans fall short.  Download this Oxford Economics and SAP study to learn: what shortfalls keep companies from reaching their sustainability goals, steps to ensure holistic, integrated and achievable plans how to drive success beyond compliance.

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