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In Spring 2022 the CIWM and ISB Global launched a research project to better help understand perception and use of software in the UK waste industry. Phase 3, the report is currently being drafted. An insight from the research and report into the UK sector was picked up by national press and highlights wage cost productivity in manual data handling which is so prevalent in the UK.


News we thought was of interest

ISB Global UKRI Innovate UK Scale Up Programme New York, USA

ISB Global recently took part in the UKRI Innovate UK – USA Scale Up Programme. As part of the programme, ISB Global aligned to experts to understand how to better serve the industry in the USA and help with the digital transformation of the US sector. Neil Seldman of Zero Waste USA kindly allowed us to publish an article that he wrote for the National Recycling Coalition in December 2022, a fascinating insight into the country’s recycling history, how to progress and challenges that lay ahead.

The objective is to create a legally binding agreement by 2024 between countries on the design, production and disposal of plastic. A draft report is to be completed and one day meeting arranged before INC-3, many countries participating have now commented that there is now even less time to act.

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The Environment Journal reports that Government’s Net Zero Policy being challenged legally, again

Friends of the Earth, Good Law Project and ClientEarth are working together on a new legal challenge. They claim that the current Carbon Budget Delivery Plan is still not fit for purpose, with time now running out to introduce effective regulations that will have an impact this decade, which many believe is the last opportunity to avoid the worst of climate change.

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SAP GreenToken (Blockchain) publishes an update to its Tokenisation white paper with Berry Global & Unilever

The whitepaper by GreenToken, gives and excellent explanation to the technology and how Blockchain has been utilised to provide mass balance, material traceability and transparency to track the lifecycle of bio and chemical materials used in the production process to manufacturing and then prospective reprocessing to reuse those materials and raw material origin.

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Vape debate continues with an outright ban on disposable vapes called for, The Circular reports

Vice-president of policy for the Royal College of Pediatricians and Child Health, Dr Mike McKean, has described vaping as an “epidemic” among teenagers. Vaping is illegal for anyone under the age of 18; however, NHS figures showed that 9% of 11- to 15-year-old children used e-cigarettes in 2021, which rises to 18% for 15-year-olds.

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A damning report from the National Audit Office on the Government’s (DEFRA) resources and waste reforms

“Reducing waste is critical to reducing emissions and achieving some of government’s wider environmental goals, but Defra does not have effective long term plans for how it will achieve its ambitions for reducing waste, and there has been delay to its implementation of reforms. “Defra must now establish a clear and coherent plan for its work on waste and resources, addressing the weaknesses in the reforms already in progress. If Defra takes these steps, it will be in a much stronger position to achieve its ambitions.” Gareth Davies, the head of the NAO

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New York City writes Zero Waste & Organics recycling policy into law

A bill that directs the New York City Department of Sanitation to roll out a mandatory organics collection program for residents became law without a signature from Mayor Eric Adams. The bill was passed by a veto-proof majority of the New York City Council on June 8 in a package dubbed the Zero Waste Act. Sponsored by Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Sanitation Committee Chair Sandy Nurse, among others, the package included a range of measures to overhaul the city’s waste collection.

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) A step closer to greater reporting on impact activities

EU law requires all large companies and all listed companies (except listed micro-enterprises) to disclose information on what they see as the risks and opportunities arising from social and environmental issues, and on the impact of their activities on people and the environment. The first companies will have to apply the new rules for the first time in the 2024 financial year, for reports published in 2025.

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