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Meet the CEO of ISB Global Chris Williams – Share the Mission & Vision – A Data Driven Waste & Recycling Sector

We are committed to making a significant difference in how the world deals with waste and our mission remains to deliver greater productivity for waste management companies and waste producers. When processing waste and sending materials to recycling plants, secondary markets or to reuse opportunities, companies must have the systems in place to manage this effectively and meet legislative requirements.

That’s our focus at ISB Global, and it’s why we’ve developed WR1, our unique technology solution that replaces outdated legacy systems by creating a single, central source for data and processes. Through our software, we empower our clients to be a part of the circular economy whilst enabling their businesses to become more efficient, cleaner, greener, and more profitable.


News we thought was of interest

SAP Insights – How Companies are Leading Sustainability with Integrated Data & Process Management Solutions

A useful landing page of SAP research into companies that are making headway in integrating data and processes to measure their impact, sustainability and generate automatic reporting and analytics to drive down GHG Emissions. Reports, research, facts, how-tos and what sets companies apart to achieve profitable operations with knowledge of sustainability data, irrespective of size and industry.

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Questions to Government Again, Clear Policy on Net Zero Transitions Required for Investment

The group of 36 financial institutions has been convened through the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UK SEF) and includes Jupiter Asset Management, Scottish Widows, Aegon, and Royal London.

“As investors and financial institutions, we need confidence in the government’s long-term commitment to this agenda to allow us and our investee companies to make multi-billion-pound investments in the UK’s sustainable economy of the future. We have concerns that recent events and signals risk eroding this trust, potentially delaying net zero-related investment,” the letter states.

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Europe Moves Forward with Revised Packaging Directive (PPWD)

“Each European generates an average of almost 180 kg of packaging waste per year. Packaging is a major consumer of virgin materials, accounting for 40% of the plastics and 50% of the paper used in the EU. Unless action is taken, the EU will see a further 19% increase in packaging waste by 2030, and a 46% increase in plastic packaging waste.”

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The First Industrial Ecology Report Advises Policy Makers on Circular Economy

Dr Rupert Myers, co-author of the report said: “Scientists across the world possess a wealth of knowledge and skills on how we can manage resources more sustainably and reduce the environmental impacts of products across their life cycles. This report shows the need for government and industry to collaborate with scientists in the UK and across the world.”

Convened by an international collaboration of researchers from universities including University College London, Yale University and Imperial College London, the report explores how industrial ecologists can boost success by understanding materials, infrastructure and ecology alike.

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European Commission Introduces Battery Legislation to Lower Footprint, Use Less Harmful & Raw Materials, Ensure Collection & Recycling

The Batteries Regulation aims to ensure that batteries placed on the EU single market only contain a restricted amount of “harmful substances” which are necessary for the batteries to function. The EC says substances of concern used in batteries will be regularly reviewed.

The EC says the Batteries Regulation is the first piece of European legislation taking a full life-cycle approach in which sourcing, manufacturing, use and recycling are enshrined in a single law, in line with the European Green Deal.

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Metabolic & The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Design Interactive Data Product Passport Maps to Aid Circular Economy with x4 Material Streams

“The sector maps identify what types of data would be required and the necessary flows to enable stakeholders to become more circular. By interacting with these maps, you can see how different stakeholders, data types, and purposes interconnect. For instance, take the electronics sector map – “brands” alone is linked to at least five data types, and understanding these connections can impact decisions made throughout the value chain.”

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UKRI’s Action Plan – Transforming Foundational Industries (TFI) Transforming Industrial Gases to Chemicals Circularity Project – Interactive Flow Diagram

The Innovate UK Transforming Foundation Industries (TFI) challenge was set up to enable the Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Glass, Metals and Paper sectors to improve their productivity and competitiveness. By forming new collaborations across the foundation industries, the TFI challenge has been accelerating innovations that can lead to step changes in resource and energy efficiencies in these capital-intensive industries.

With the foundation industries being worth an estimated £45bn to the UK economy, these sectors are the largest polluters, generating 10% of all UK carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The chemical sector itself is responsible for an estimated 9.4 MtCO2e of direct UK greenhouse emissions in 2018 and in 2020 had an estimated turnover of £32bn and a GVA of £11bn. Given its size and its contribution to emissions, the UK chemicals sector has a pivotal role in achieving net zero and a circular economy. It needs to continually innovate to make step changes to become more sustainable, globally resilient, and competitive, with key opportunities existing in the areas of waste valorisation, the use of alternative feedstocks, low-grade heat recovery and industrial symbiosis.

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