The most advanced Waste Management Software in the world?

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How State of the Art Technology Powers the most Advanced Waste Management Software in the World

Is Waste & Recycling One the most Advanced Waste Management Software in the World? In this article we explore how true our bold claim is by investigating the technology behind the solution.

The specialist industry software has been hailed ‘the most advanced waste management software in the world’. It’s a bold statement, so we wanted to investigate why we, our clients, and our stakeholders are happy to make it.

Incredible Sector Experience

ISB Global has over 15 years of experience in the waste and recycling industry. This means that all of the global waste logistics and recycling materials business processes that make up Waste & Recycling One have been developed from an incredible amount of knowledge. The business processes are ISB Global’s Intellectual Property and we’re proud of our leading achievements in this area.

We’ve implemented the Waste and Recycling One software globally now across all continents (apart from Antarctica!), suiting generic and bespoke requirements in materials and transport challenges with each implementation. Our sector knowledge has made this possible but our clients – our partners, also input to the processes.

Always Whole Systems Thinking

Waste & Recycling One was initially built in the framework of an SAP ERP SME solution.

From the beginning, Waste & Recycling One has been integrated to ERP using one set of data (master data); we have always thought about ERP integration and ensured the software solution acts as a whole, operating as an ‘end to end process’. This approach is fundamental to WR1. The team at ISB Global has always been ruled by “How does this data and operational transaction affect an accounting transaction?” It is thought about as being truly integrated, not just operations but operations to accounts and financial transactions. End to end – That’s internally.

Externally we’ve started on the entire supply chain, which has always included equipment but now we are extending the applications IoT capabilities (more to follow). We are halfway there already with our portal technologies and complementary products with our partner in the SAP Sustainability Portfolio.

That’s the difference with true integration. We can and will integrate to anything.

The Advanced Technology Solutions

Chris Williams, our CEO, mentioned the leading partnerships that make up the Waste & Recycling One software solution. Our technology partnerships help us provide this advanced software solution.

Amazon Web Services

ISB Global’s preferred method of implementation is to install Waste & Recycling One on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud infrastructure platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centres globally. Using AWS allows us to implement, access, support and maintain Waste & Recycling One anywhere in the world, 24/7 access, with total security and no impacts on speed or access.


Waste & Recycling One has always been integrated to SAP. We integrate to SAP for small, medium and large enterprises. 77% of the worlds transactions touch an SAP system. SAP are considered the world leader in business management software with ERP, industry and line of business products designed globally but with country localisations, taking into consideration specific legislation and language according to that country.

As an authorised partner, we can implement SAP for companies who want Waste & Recycling One, anywhere in the world. SAP’s Partner and Eco-System can support throughout the project and continue support where necessary. This is very reassuring for our clients.

ISB Global are enabling an entire sector to utilise the power of SAP and Waste & Recycling One and on these technologies. We’re powering waste, recycling and circular economy by digital transformation, to help avert the climate crisis, by providing a solution to the waste crisis.


OutSystems low code platform powers the ability to create new and innovative modules. Waste & Recycling One is deployed on OutSystems. OutSystems is an advanced application platform designed to accelerate the development of software applications while delivering unrivalled levels of flexibility and efficiency. The reason why it is so advanced is well documented – development environment, flexibility and security but don’t take our word, read the analysts reports here.

We refactored Waste & Recycling One’s processes from SAP ERP onto OutSystems because, it also means that our clients can ‘take back control’ of their software by developing their own apps, with no lock in. Our clients really value this as it gives them transparency and flexibility. We offer the OutSystems platform to large enterprises who want to purchase it for their own development and utilise data from WR1 and SAP. Another unique selling proposition.


So, a quick recap on why ‘Advanced’…

  1. Sector expertise
  2. A truly integrated approach in operations, accounts and supply chain
  3. Multiple resource material streams
  4. Leading technology vendors
  5. Global products, global deployment, global support… For a global challenge

Also, when we consider the business impact that WR1 has on helping our clients account for, track and analyse all products and materials to be reused, as a team, with our partners, we feel we are justified in claiming Waste & Recycling One is the worlds most advanced waste management software.

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