The CIWM Focus Group Campaign

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Research Overview

The “CIWM Focus Group Campaign” is the first set of research and promotional activities. They are designed to investigate how the UK waste industry uses and perceives software technologies.

The project is focused on how, collectively, we can better understand industry requirements and software technologies. Working more effectively together. improving commercial efficiency, meeting zero targets and creating a sustainable, circular economy driven by digital technologies.

The CIWM Focus Group – Research Objective

ISB Global is working with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM). We are trying to understand how waste management professionals in the UK use and perceive software technologies available to them.

The CIWM will engage with its UK member base in an impartial and unbiased set of research activities. From a focus group, initial results, and subsequent webinar presentation. A report will then be published to help understand how business software technologies are used in various contexts. The results of this research are intended to align the sector and software suppliers. To create more efficient relationships that will contribute to realising zero targets and circular performance.

The CIWM Focus Group

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) will be recruiting and hosting a focus group to be held online. This will be to discuss the completed questionnaire and results. This aims to provide greater insight into the answers and deliver a set of preliminary research findings.

The focus group is planned to take place when a sufficient sample that represents a percentage of industry has been recruited and can complete the questionnaire.

The Webinar

The results, subsequent analysis and further information will then be presented and hosted by the CIWM. The Webinar will be open to all CIWM members. Initial results will then be surveyed for greater analysis by this wider industry audience. This will provide greater scope and understanding of the research. It will also form the basis for future work in aligning software technologies. The perception and use of software by the industry to help support the overall project objective.

The Webinar is planned to take place approximately 6-7 weeks after the focus group.

The Report

The final report will bring together the previous research and analysis. It will focus on the hypotheses, questions and answers. This will be enhanced together with subsequent information and feedback from the primary research activities.

It is intended that the report will provide a baseline for understanding the current use and perception of software in the UK Waste Industry. It will lead to a greater understanding of requirements, to drive technology and digital transformation. Helping realise the contribution of software technology to net zero, zero waste targets and circularity for all.

The Results

ISB Global and The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) expect that this research and report will give useful and practical insights to all those working in the UK waste sector.

We want to achieve closer partnership and collaboration for the industry so that we can work together to realise the benefits of software technologies at a crucial time when the industry is in transition to the circular economy.

We envisage these campaign activities to be a step towards better understanding of how industry and technology can work together for the greater good.

Ultimately, this research is part of a wider commitment to building an increasingly dynamic sector that cements the United Kingdom as the most advanced circular economy in the world.

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The UK Waste Industry Software Technology Review & Alignment

A project initiated by ISB Global

ISB Global


Delivered by The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM)

Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

With support from: Innovate UK Edge Scaleup Programme

Innovate UK Edge Scaleup Programme



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