ISB Global Roundtable Ignites Discussion on Tech’s Power to Transform the Industry

   Matt Farnworth


The ISB Global-hosted CIO Roundtable at Waste Expo 2024 buzzed with energy as leading industry figures Rob Fisher (LRS), Mike May (GFL Environmental Inc.), and Eric Hansen (Waste Connections) tackled the critical role technology plays in shaping the future of waste management.

“The Waste Expo 2024 CIO Roundtable was a landmark event for the waste and recycling industry,” said Pritesh Pattni, ISB Global CCO and Chair of the 2024 CIO Roundtable. “The openness and honesty from our panel of CIOs, provided invaluable insights into the industry’s tech landscape. Their candid discussion was refreshing and sparked a critical conversation about the future of waste management.”

The discussion at the roundtable was extensive, and we’ll be circulating a podcast recording in the very near future. In the meantime, here are some key takeaways from this insightful session:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) Takes Centre Stage: The roundtable identified IoT as a major game-changer, highlighting the potential of data streams from trucks and other equipment to revolutionise operations. Real-time data can optimize routes, predict maintenance needs, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Data & Analytics: The Powerhouse for Progress: Leveraging data was a core theme. The discussion emphasised the need for a robust data and analytics strategy to gain actionable insights, optimise decision-making, and achieve sustainability goals. The ever-growing volume of data necessitates a strong strategy to harness its power.
  • Customer-Centricity Through Tech: Meeting customer expectations for a seamless experience, akin to what they enjoy with other apps, was another hot topic. Technology can bridge the gap by providing user-friendly interfaces and transparent communication channels, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • AI’s Potential: From Optimisation to Safety: Artificial intelligence (AI) was underscored as a powerful tool for optimising waste collection processes, predicting maintenance needs, and even improving driver safety. The discussion highlighted the potential of AI to analyse data and suggest improvements to empowering drivers and enhance safety protocols.
  • Cybersecurity: A Critical Consideration: The roundtable acknowledged the inherent risks associated with advanced technologies and emphasised the need for robust cybersecurity strategies. Protecting sensitive data and ensuring operational security are crucial aspects of any tech-driven transformation.
  • People, Process, Technology: A Holistic Approach: The importance of a holistic approach was also stressed, with “People, Process, Technology” highlighted as the key focus for CIOs. Effective leadership necessitates collaboration across all C-suite positions to ensure technology adoption aligns with business goals.
  • Leadership Shift: From IT to C-Suite Collaboration: An additional critical point that emerged was that IT no longer operates in a silo. Technology strategy has become a leadership discussion at the C-suite level, ensuring alignment across all aspects of the business.

The Waste Expo CIO Roundtable provided a glimpse into the future of waste management through the CIO lens. A future powered by data, AI, and a commitment to customer-centricity as the industry navigates the path toward greater sustainability and operational excellence.

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