Intelligent Waste Management Technologies from SAP

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SAP solutions are leading the way in creating intelligent technologies that can help your company become resilient, profitable, and sustainable. We look at what they are currently providing.

What is an Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise?

New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics, and blockchain are helping turn businesses into intelligent enterprises. These enterprises have new capabilities that enable their workforces to focus on higher-value outcomes.

An intelligent, sustainable enterprise is one that consistently applies advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. SAP has been helping build sustainable enterprises where you can automate tasks and integrate processes to connect the business end-to-end. This even includes suppliers and partners, allowing full visibility across their organisation.

Intelligent enterprises run agile, integrated business processes, and use advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They can analyse and act on customer, partner, and employee sentiment, to ensure they keep their workforce engaged and delivering the products and services that customers actually need. They can gain insight into their environmental impact, and control what sources they spend money on. This all helps organisations make good decisions and adapt to problems, challenges or changes in technology. It can help them run more efficiently, profitable, and become more sustainable.

Intelligent Technologies will Drive a Next Generation Value Economy

End manual repetition: Advances in machine learning are enabling algorithms to become highly accurate in natural language understanding and in image and speech recognition – giving businesses intelligent business-processes automation and the ability to eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

Cut costs: Automation can now be implemented far more cost-effectively because it is embedded more within business processes.

Product chain improvements: IoT can connect the entire value chain, from design to production to supply chain. Data-driven insights of customer preferences can inspire better design, lower material costs, and reduce risk. Real-time analysis of machines can predict maintenance needs, identify potential quality problems in manufacturing processes before they occur, and reduce asset downtime by as much as 50%.

Better analytics and decision-making: The integration of advanced analytics capabilities into applications can inform better decision-making. Empowered users, benefiting from embedded analytics in business processes, can get real-time visibility into their changing environment, simulate the impact of business decisions, and achieve better customer outcomes.

What Features Help an Intelligent Enterprise Gain Results
  1. Have a clear strategy of what you want to achieve and how to quantify when you have achieved it
  2. All the company is engaged in the aim to gain digital transformation – including higher to middle management
  3. Employ and deploy talented workforce capable of driving digital transformation
  4. Have an agile approach to address ad deal with challenges without them becoming blockages to your progress.
  5. Monitor your progress using clear metrics and KPIs.
  6. Implement fit-for-purpose modern technology architecture that is scalable and seamless.
  7. Use an experienced company such as ISB Global to help you achieve the above.
SAP Solutions

SAP has the solutions, services, and ecosystem to deliver this vision and help your business run at its best.

SAP technology
Image from the SAP website

Business technology platform (SAP BTP): brings together intelligent enterprise applications with database and data management, analytics, integration and extension capabilities into one platform.

Sustainable business solutions: (SAP BTP): deliver company-wide functionality and industry-specific sustainability features by embedding operations, experience, and financial insights into your core business processes.

Industry cloud: simplifies access to innovative vertical solutions across industries, enabling you to drive business transformation profitably and sustainably, seize new opportunities, and manage business disruption and changes within your industry.

Experience management: allows you to listen to employee experiences and concerns and make insight-based actions to retail happy and productive employees.

Business process intelligence: gain analytics and permeance information quickly in order to make tailored improvements to your processes to achieve customer excellence.

Business network: collaborate with all your trading partners to gain visibility across all your processes, and build resiliency into your supply chain.

SAP Achievements

SAP is already enabling customers to achieve real-world, next-practice outcomes and customers are able to:

  • Automate invoice and payment matching
  • Machine learning-enabled résumé matching and employee approvals
  • Predictive lead management
  • Automated sales discount approvals
  • Warehouse automation
  • Real-time supplier and demand management
  • Predictive maintenance and service
  • Deliver best-in-class customer experience:
  • Self-service enabled by chatbots and voice
  • Personalized and distinctive customer experience
  • Omnichannel customer service (available anytime and available anywhere)
  • Invent new business models and revenue streams:
  • Outcome-based business models by digitizing products and services
  • Expansion into new industries and markets
  • Shared economy and network-based business
How to Implement Intelligent Technologies from SAP

ISB Global is a certified and trusted SAP partner and global application development partner for Waste & Recycling One (WR1). This means that you can implement all of SAP technology by implementing our Waste & Recycling One software solution, created specifically for the waste management and recycling sector. We can help you fast-track your journey to the intelligent enterprise. To find out more contact us.

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