Falling back in love with SAP

  Pritesh Pattni


Our waste and recycling software platform is built on a stack that includes SAP.

SAP is often known as an ERP software solution (Enterprise Resource Planning), and ISB Global is currently the only waste industry software provider with a comprehensive ERP function.

SAP is used for the back-office finance and accounting functions, and it’s a very stable and reliable platform, however there are a number of myths about SAP, so let’s cover some of these here.

Exploding SAP myths

There are a number of reasons why businesses worry about implementing SAP. But we say: think again. SAP is more flexible, more agile and more useful than you think. And, integrated with our dedicated industry software, it gives businesses complete control over planning, data collection and reporting. There’s everything to like.

So here are the top 5 myths as we see them, and the reasons why we think we can change your mind:

SAP is difficult to get up and running

If you are currently a business running multiple software systems, you are already dealing with many vendors, updates, training and support, not to mention a lack of visibility across your business. At some point, you’re going to need to invest in a single platform solution that can make your whole experience more efficient.

For any software project, big or small, you can’t expect it to be swapped out in a day, and change management is a key part of this.

In order to manage your business continuity, help your people get used to a new way of working, and minimize the disruption to your business, you need a plan. And that plan will be to implement your new system over an agreed period of time. So it’s not difficult – it just requires a practical time investment. An experienced implementation partner is also key. And once it’s all up and running, it will be worth every minute invested.

SAP is unaffordable

This is perhaps one of the biggest myths about SAP – that it is only for multi-national businesses with big budgets. SAP has 3 products coving the Small, Midsized and Large Enterprises, and depending on the business size and complexity, there is an SAP product to suit. There is a large rang of licensing models, and deployment models to suit every situation.

In fact, by working with us, where SAP is just part of the solution, you get access to an agile ERP system that helps you manage the various challenges across your business – and all possibly for a fraction of the price that you may be currently paying in multiple software licenses across your business.

SAP doesn’t offer all the functionality I want

SAP is actually highly functional, and you can select the areas you need for your business. For us, in combination with our own software solution, which is designed exclusively for waste industry applications, you can identify exactly what you need to manage, and we can put a solution together for you. And that’s all part of the initial planning stages – between us, we’ll make sure you have the functionality you need, and the ability to scale your software as you grow.

SAP isn’t integrated

We chose to work with SAP precisely because of the integration opportunities it offers. Part of the success of our Waste & Recycling One solution is the ability to integrate a wide range of functions across the business – both the happy and unhappy flows.  This includes a wide range of business processes from business partners, contracts, pricing to order management, route planning, weighbridge and mobile applications. SAP supports that integrated approach, so that you only need one solution to help your business grow.

SAP isn’t flexible

In fact, the opposite is true – and that’s one of the reasons we use it. SAP has been running successful businesses since 1972, and during that time they have learnt a thing or two.

SAP is provided with a range of best practice configurations, and a vast selection of configuration options means it’s both fit for your business, and adaptable to change.

Bringing SAP into your business – particularly as part of a complete solution, where you can have confidence in your supplier – is a win-win decision. You get world-leading ERP expertise and a state-of-the-art solution to managing multiple areas of your business. This brings cost and time efficiencies, helps you comply with regulations, improves staff retention and makes you more competitive. Isn’t it time to give SAP – and broader waste management software – a chance?

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