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Delivering Digital Transformation

April 20, 2016

Delivering Digital Transformation in Waste & Recycling Companies

Digital Transformation – What’s Happening in Waste and Recycling Tech, Software, Cloud, Data, Mobile & Analytics?

ISB Global Software Platforms
ISB Global Software Platforms


A Trusted Software & Business Consulting Partner for Resource Efficient Companies

ISB Global is an SAP Partner delivering digital transformation for waste and recycling companies, covering waste logistics, recycling and reprocessing materials activities, driving circular supply loops associated with the industry sector.

Already live in several countries and materials sectors, ISB Global continues to facilitate growth by focusing on the dynamic requirements of the sector, the needs of materials and transport businesses, resource efficient companies with the need to become more innovative with materials use, and who want to harness technology for greater operational efficiency, cost savings and the transition to circular models to reduce environmental impact.

Integrated & Automated Mobile, Web, Operations & Accounts – Delivering Business Benefits

Customers and prospects soon realise that ISB Global’s proposition is a truly integrated suite of platforms (mobile and web to operations and accounts) and regard the use of preconfigured, preintegrated solutions imperative for small to midsize operations who want to be cost conscious but still require a technical set of software platforms that are flexible, scalable, stable and robust, (also with the ability to redesign workflow and process) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Operations platforms, which are synonymous with a vendor such as SAP.

ISB Global’s customer and prospect primary focus is on delivering solutions for business challenges, concentrating on automating business processes for accuracy and efficiency. Customers who have implemented SAP, Waste & Recycling One have seen the benefits across end to end integrated mobile, operations and accounting processes increase in speed, accuracy and efficiency from 20-80%.

Delivering Digital Transformation & Self Sufficiency
Delivering Digital Transformation & Self Sufficiency

Ease of Use, Fully Trained, Self Sufficient to Mitigate Risk & Advance Business Growth

These improvements are documented as part of the engagement process before a sale of the software, implementation and training services, which also warrants the business case for investment. In turn this approach mitigates risk, gives the client clear deliverables and ensures that improvements are delivered as part of the project. This assures a fully trained and importantly, Self-sufficient business operations team that has complete competence and control of the software. Using the software to advance business growth, not hinder it.

Digital Transformation for Automated Efficient Profitable
Digital Transformation Automated Efficient Profitable

Automation & Hands Off Process Administration for Accuracy Efficiency & Profitability

ISB Global has seen lots of customers benefit from the integrated software. Brokers, logistics, reprocessors and recyclers. True integration (Mobile to Operations to Accounts) means that with the use of one set of ‘master data’ across the suite, eradicating the need for separate software applications (with or without interfaces).

The requirement for automation of activities through these processes, which is especially prevalent in some sub industry sectors like waste brokers or companies using subcontractors frequently, who focus on high volume low margin operations and “hands off” administration principles for automating process. This of course comes with the additional complexity of dealing with customers, a range of suppliers, the disposal and reprocessing of material and highly focused customer service environments all with reporting and advanced analytics. The dynamic waste and recycling sector, with this complex logistics and legislation requirements also demands the creation of quick efficient workflows in which to access information on customer accounts on any mobile device and any operating system, delivering customer service enhancements and competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation for Automated Legal Requirements Reporting
Digital Transformation for Automated Legal Requirements Reporting

Automated Reporting, Legal Requirements, Alerts, Notifications & Analytics

There is also no doubt that waste and recycling operations are getting more complex, not just with the advent of new technologies and new social selling techniques for example. The industry is becoming more complex by legal requirements, reporting and auditing. Which for ISB Global’s customers isn’t a problem. One software solution and one set of data allows for new reporting processes to be easily be built into a business processes, automatically output and automatically sent via email to the customer or supplier, detailing transaction, operational or accounting related.

ISB Global has seen an increase in what prospective customers require in software. They not only require full integration, mobile – operations – accounting they are utilising SmartWorld, ISB Global’s web and mobile technology platform to develop new process and work flows that allow interaction with customer and suppliers while of course keeping integrated with key process for auditability, traceability and cost control. Prospects and customers are asking for all these workflows within an end to end process to be available on any device, any operating system which are always on, 24/7.

Digital Transformation for Customer Service Competitive Advantage
Digital Transformation for Customer Service Competitive Advantage

Mobile & Web – Customer Service Enhancements & Competitive Advantage

With these types of customer requirements and mobile and web technologies, anything is possible, however, ISB Global are very focused on the business case behind each process and the delivery of financial (profitability), operational (speed of process administration), technical (ease of additional technologies) and strategic (competitive advantages and customer service enhancements).

As part of our sales engagement process we analyse these returns on investment (RoI) and document what improvements could be had by an implementation, in turn these become the deliverables for the project and ensure the customer gets what they are paying for. And because ISB Global covers the entire end to end process we can deliver far more value and a better RoI than non-integrated competitor solutions.

Digital Transformation - Easy with the Right Partner
Digital Transformation – Easy with the Right Partner

Mobile, Cloud, “IoT”, Big Data & Analytics – “Digital Transformation” – Need Not Be So Daunting

ISB Global has seen a range of its customer and prospects utilising a number of areas in technology cited as key areas for development and innovation – Mobile, Cloud, The Internet of Things, (Big) Data & Analytics.

Within these key areas there are a number of business areas affected by the use of technology. Business networks, how technology is affecting the supply chain, the connectivity of humans and machines within the Internet of Things and how this can help the supply chain. For example a number of customers are now asking ISB Global for sensors in bins to trigger an order so savings on optimised journeys can be made rather than have static routes. Additionally sensors and triggers can be added to any physical processes to increase efficiency or “disrupt” and add to operational efficiencies, managing by exceptions in rules within processes rather than checking everything is OK within that process.

All these aspects of technology aim to simplify business, automate processes, connect humans and machines across networks and provide automatic information on running a business to allow for competitive advantage, insight, innovation and better planning of cost and material resource efficient operations.

Delivering Digital Transformation to Innovate, Lead & Disrupt
Delivering Digital Transformation to Innovate, Lead & Disrupt

Innovate, Grow, Lead – Be Agile, Disrupt & Utilise Technology to Deliver Business Objectives

ISB Global has the SAP, Waste & Recycling One suite of platforms to manage all of these operations based in the cloud or deployed as a flexible “hybrid” as a mix of on premise, hosted and SaaS. Our clients who utilise all aspects of these technologies do really well, innovate, grow and are leading their sector. They can move with industry changes adding functions and disrupting services, cutting costs and adding technology easily like customer and supplier access to web and mobile applications and further allow the planning of technology use around business objectives, once more enhancing business operations with technology rather than hindering it.

Digital Transformation Technology to Enable Opportunities
Digital Transformation Technology to Enable Opportunities

Utilising Technology to Enable Social, Political & Economic Industry Sector Opportunities

ISB Global has seen some key industry drivers in waste and recycling have an effect on small and midsize business in the waste and recycling sector. The use of technology has enabled the ease of circular supply loops in the industry with easy transferral of key instructions, tasks, financial information batch traceability and serial number assets to partners within the closed loop or circular supply loops. “Big Data”, maintained in customer and supplier portals, collectively branded In ISB Global’s Resource Information Data Exchange (RiDx).

Although some companies have been hit by decreasing margins and profits due to the price of commodities, technology allows for streamlining and accuracy, which should help (not hinder!) in running a business with optimum and efficient performance.

Digital Transformation for Tracking the Value of Materials and Assets
Digital Transformation for Tracking the Value of Materials and Assets

Following the Value of Materials, Resources & Assets

ISB Global has seen companies start to want more functions within the reprocessing of materials, greater insight into the value added activities of reprocessing lines to ensure they have a quality product to be able to sell back into a circular supply loop or to refurbish as part of a value added service within that extended loop.

Delivering Digital Transformation for Smart Cities Circular Economy
Delivering Digital Transformation for Smart Cities Circular Economy

Smart Cities, Channel Shifts, Closed Supply Loops & Hyper Connectivity for Quality of Life

ISB Global has seen greater interest from a diverse range of larger private and public waste and recycling operations realising the value of waste commodities as globalisation has further impact on cities and large areas of urbanisation. Giving rise to both political influence with efficient online waste and recycling operations paying an ever increasing part in the smooth management of towns and cities, in turn attracting wealth and investment while reducing resource use and increasing quality of life. The “Channel Shift” in public services to embrace standards and networks to propel efficiencies and reduce costs for further austerity programs, which ISB Global are getting more involved in.

Delivering Digital Transformation for the Internet of Things - Connect, Automate, Save
Delivering Digital Transformation for the Internet of Things – Connect, Automate, Save

Automated Business Process, Smart & IoT Collaboration With Customers, Suppliers & Reporting Platforms – On Mobile, On Demand, Obviously!

ISB Global’s customers and prospects are asking for the extension of their business processes through the SAP software suite to allow for further efficiencies in field operations. Smart Bins trigger automatic order scheduling and prepare for subcontractor collection. On board weighing captures exact weights so that billing becomes more accurate. Increased logic in interactive processes and user experience on mobile devices to interact with statutory reporting services (eDOC), confirm, alert or detail key performance indicators while interfacing with collaborative tools and updating social or networking sites with critical information on the feedback of services. All this on any mobile device, any operating system, always on, ready to report and interact.

Delivering Digital Transformation for Automated Process Reporting & Analytics
Delivering Digital Transformation for Automated Process Reporting & Analytics

An Investment Focus on Business Benefits, Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy & Insight

Customers and prospects demand a range of business benefits and ISB Global is focused on delivering them, what else is an investment in the business for? ISB Global focuses on key areas of return on investment and is strict when it comes to talking about business case and the benefit to the customer or prospect.

Customers want availability of workflow and information on mobile phones or web enabled usage, this delivers real time data, speed and optimisation of the business process while ensuring data entry isn’t duplicated in multiple applications, leading to inaccurate information and mistakes.

Delivering Digital Transformation for Real Time Data to Your Device
Delivering Digital Transformation for Real Time Data to Your Device

Integrated Tailored User Experience & Interface for Speed, Ease, Accuracy & KPI Reporting

Customers also want redesigned work flows and processes that speed the entry of data and confirmation of tasks to make users life easier while keeping mistakes to a minimum. This functionality also needs to extend to their customers and suppliers for reporting and uploading and also interaction from subcontractors and partners to the business. This further speeds operational processes, customer interaction and engagement, which subsequently allows for instant billing and real time insight into financial position of the company.

ISB Global has specific methods and tools in the sales engagement process to be able to accurately deliver financial, operational, technical and longer term strategic goals. As documented percentage improvements, these become deliverables for the project, mitigating risk and ensuring of total transparency of what the customer is getting.

Delivering Digital Transformation with Integrated Solutions & Industry Expertise
Delivering Digital Transformation with Integrated Solutions & Industry Expertise

Everything, Always, Now… Please

ISB Global focuses and delivers on what our customers want. Whether private or public, waste or recycling, small or larger organisations, the business drivers are the same, automate, optimise, streamlined, efficient and accurate. Utilise mobile, web and cloud technologies for in the field, always-on, hyper-connected and collaborative people with smart products and mobile devices, processing data for instant operations transactions to confirmation and precise billing, swift accounting and exemplary customer services.

Integration and innovation has reached the waste and recycling sector like any other industry sector, social, economic and political factors are driving the industry forward and like any business has been heavily influenced by web and mobile technology, the requirement for “everything” and “always” is here and ISB Global delivers these advanced technical and consulting requirements for its global resource efficient, materials and logistics customers.

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