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Consulting Services

ISB Global implements Waste & Recycling One integrated low code, multi experience development software platform with critical business, functional, technical and project consulting services. Consultation throughout the engagement ensures clarity and scope of deliverables, control and governance of time, quality and budget. Empowering your team in training, support, change and self-sufficiency with advanced software, architecture, operations and business processes.

Consulting Services ISB Global

Consulting Services

ISB Global partners with waste and recycling organisations to implement Waste & Recycling One. Through the customer engagement lifecycle ISB Global’s team help, advise, mentor and train. Functional and technical software expertise is underpinned with waste recycling industry knowledge, ensuring proficiency when realising business-critical processes, using the latest innovations, delivering projects on time and to budget.

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Software Development ISB Global

Software Development

ISB Global has now refactored Waste & Recycling One on OutSystems to meet the requirements of the global resources industry. The Waste & Recycling One innovations suite delivers an advanced bi-modal, low code application platform, a first for the industry. The software is preintegrated and preconfigured for ease of implementation. Low code now facilitates the quick, effective delivery of extending innovations on mobile, web, equipment and devices.

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Training and Support ISB Global

Training & Support

ISB Global structures the implementation and continual improvement project of Waste & Recycling One with an iterative training program. The latest techniques are utilised to impart knowledge throughout the hybrid project management delivery method. Resulting in your team’s self-sufficiency, comfort and readiness with the change in software and business processes, prepared to go live in new and efficient ways of working.

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Project Management ISB Global

Project Management

ISB Global delivers Waste & Recycling One using a hybrid project management approach. The integrated low code innovation suite is implemented using the governance and control of agile and waterfall methodologies ensuring requirements, scope, development, training and change are managed and executed according to agreed time and budget. A tailored program to underpin and continue progress, lifecycle and digital transformation.

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