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Platform as a Service

ISB Global deploy SAP, Waste & Recycling One as software platforms. A platform service has been engineered to use, maintain, develop and update software that advances waste logistics and recycling materials operations. SmartWorld, built on OutSystems, delivers a suite of mobile, web, IoT connectivity and is a software innovations platform. Waste & Recycling One, an operations waste logistics and recycling materials best practices and business process platform. SAP, an enterprise resource planning, business management software platform. Implemented on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an infrastructure as a service platform.

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

ISB Global utilises and has developed multiple software environments to deploy the SAP, Waste & Recycling One digital platform. Infrastructure, business management software, waste recycling operations, mobile, web innovations are all included and can be integrated to other independent components, equipment and devices. State of the art, secure, scalable, efficient and safe. Designed for radical improvement of waste recycling materials business operations.

Platform to Progress

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Mobile & Web Agility

Mobile & Web Agility

ISB Global has developed SmartWorld on the OutSystems platform. A suite of preconfigured mobile, web, IoT connectivity and innovations applications for waste logistics and recycling materials operations. The platform is low code so designed for rapid change, to capture data, design logic, user interface, workflow and to integrate to everything, quickly. Delivering field, user control and connectivity for customer service and competitive advantages.

Integrated Platforms

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Operations Data Stability

Operations Data Stability

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One on the SAP Business One platform. A suite of best practice waste recycling processes delivers sales and customer service, contract and forecasting, pricing, materials, integrated accounting, financial, reporting and business analytics. Serving mobile and web field operations with accurate, scalable and reliable data to plan and execute operational and accounting transactions for complete profit and cost management.

Platform Data Control

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Infrastructure Scalability

Infrastructure Scalability

ISB Global has developed SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated software platforms to be deployed in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure as a service. The EC2 platform and S3 storage provide an on demand service, pay as you use model, available over an internet connection. Storage, networking, database and analytics deliver flexible, scalable computing at a reduced cost, greater speed, security and safety for IT operations.

Cloud Ascent