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Cloud Computing Services

ISB Global supports a range of cloud technologies, partners and vendors to deliver functionality, speed, ease of administration, security and efficiency. ISB Global has engineered the most effective cloud deployment model for waste and recycling industry requirements. Combining software as a service, application platforms and infrastructure with technical consulting and support that embody the greatest benefits of emerging technologies as well as standards in mobile, web, IoT, operations, accounting, development, integration, storage, recovery and back up.

ISB Global Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

ISB Global are advocates of cloud computing technologies. Designing industry software, platforms and infrastructure that allow better resource and greater service levels with less effort. Waste & Recycling One; OutSystems, SAP and AWS partnerships ensure functionality, flexibility, cost efficiency, speed and administration on any device. Coupled with reliability, performance, back-up, retrieval, storage and security.

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ISB Global Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

ISB Global accelerate the project deployment of Waste & Recycling One by implementing the integrated cloud software platforms on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure as a service. This type of physical resource allows for flexible location, scalability, security, storage and backup. Cost matches the resources in use, so tailored to requirements. Focus your efforts on running your business, not on IT hardware and resources.

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ISB Global Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

ISB Global deploys Waste & Recycling One as an integrated cloud software platform. Preintegrated, prebuilt industry functionality with the flexibility to develop applications and control digital transformation (aPaaS). Creating new workflows, data and logic specifically tailored to tasks, users and your competitive advantages. Designed by the most highly regarded software vendors, extended, delivered and supported by industry experts.

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ISB Global Software as a Service

Software as a Service

ISB Global implements the SAP, Waste & Recycling One integrated software platforms and solutions as software as a service. Delivering total flexibility of infrastructure, platforms and applications, process and workflows on demand, on any operating system and any device. Achieve instant time to value that’s flexible, scalable and tailored to your requirements. With a continuous improvement program to ensure compliance and advance.

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