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ISB Global Management Team

ISB Global management team implements SAP, Waste & Recycling One with multi-skilled, experienced people from a range of industry disciplines. From the initial discussion through project implementation, support and continual improvement, the engagement process is strengthened by waste and recycling industry sector knowledge. Comparable materials management, logistics and supply chain expertise. Business, operations, accounting, process and investment proficiency. Software technology implementation projects, functional and technical consulting, change, performance and business management practices. Ensuring complete and total authority, intelligence and guidance from start, finish and throughout the project lifecycle.

ISB Global Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Chris is managing director and co-founder of ISB Global. Originally from New Zealand and an accountant, Chris saw the early opportunities of creating an industry focused SAP practice in waste and recycling and the prospective growth within the sector. Now focusing on the advancement of the OutSystems practice to ensure the environmental and aligned sectors utilise powerful low code technology to deliver solutions to world challenges.

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ISB Global Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne

Simon is a director based in South Africa, co-founded ISB Global and is an accountant. Simon is expert in business transformation and IT and has sector experience in consumer goods, oil and gas, manufacturing, supply chain, waste and recycling. Simon brings drive and enthusiasm to implementation projects and relishes aligning business strategy to integrated software technologies, delivering on business goals and project value.

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ISB Global Hayden Nothnagel 2

Hayden Nothnagel

Hayden is based in London UK, a director and head of product. He is expert in waste and recycling, multiple material sectors and business functions, over 14 years of understanding complex business processes and system design. Management of project lifecycles, stakeholder groups, change management, training programs, functional and technical requirements. Hayden’s affable persistence ensures projects are delivered to specification.

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ISB Global Pritesh Pattni

Pritesh Pattni

Pritesh is a director of the OutSystems practice and manages global accounts. He has over 19 years of SAP and IT experience. Directs a team of consultants who look after a diverse range of global clients. Focuses on the delivery of customer roadmaps to best practices and technology requirements. Comfortable completing technical configuration or talking to clients, ensuring clear, understandable objectives are always delivered.

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ISB Global Ian Humphreys

Ian Humphreys

Ian is chief technology officer (CTO) for ISB Global and the OutSystems practice. He has over 30 years’ experience in the finance sector, technology project management, strategy, architecture, devops, global application deployments, establishing centres of excellence, agile practices and external consulting. Ian is focused on directing the technical aspects of the SAP and OutSystems platforms to ensure value focus and project budget attainment.

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ISB Global Hannah Hughes

Hannah Hughes

Hannah is head of operations for ISB Global, she has over 14 years’ experience of sales and marketing, customer services, supply chain, inventory management and latterly accounting practice for a waste and recycling company. Hannah is the link between functional and technical consulting, customer’s requirements, quality, development, project and product delivery, focused on delivering precise specification for customers.

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ISB Global Mansoor Ali 2

Mansoor Adnan Ali

Mansoor is head of development for SAP, Waste & Recycling One. Has over 20 years of computing science experience and developed multiple applications in SAP frameworks. Conversant in numerous languages, process, planning, design, coding, testing and quality. Understanding complex functional business process, translating to technical requirements and quickly deploying model, process and code to meet requirements.

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ISB Global Matthew Gawn 1

Matthew Gawn

Matthew is head of global marketing and looks after presales, sales activities and initial engagements. He has over 24 years of marketing and sales experience in diverse technology sectors and multiple start-ups. Aligning business strategy to go to market program delivery. Matthew is quick to understand the challenges and proposition for a prospect. Communicating process, value, benefits and returns to win business based on focused deliverables.

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