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707 Resource Management – Waste and Recycling One

March 26, 2015

707 Resource Management Choose Waste and Recycling One

707 Resource Management Waste & Recycling One
707 Resource Management

“We chose SAP, Waste and Recycling One as it was a fully integrated solution that contained everything we needed to run a state-of-the-art, customer focused service.” Graeme Rose, Director, 707 Resource Management

Waste & Recycling One – Project Highlights

707 Resource Management (707) is a UK-based waste broking company providing a national recycling service. Privately owned, the company outsources collections on behalf of regional businesses, local authorities and national companies with multiple sites. 707 is focused on the elimination of landfill through the reduction of waste at source, recycling and the use of new technologies. “Waste and Recycling One enabled us to achieve our goals of streamlining and automating operations, saving money and providing a solid platform that allows us to progress rapidly by offering a unique service.”

Choosing The Right Solution – Waste & Recycling One

Launched in 2008, 707 envisaged a customer focused service; one built on trust, honesty and efficiency. Interaction would be emphasised by the flow of information to customers, with minimum administrative intervention wherever possible. The team at 707 Resource Management had experience of building and managing several successful waste management companies. They knew how important it was to have the right software in place to streamline business processes and operate successfully in a high volume, highly competitive market. 707 saw the advantages of utilising new technologies but also wanted to ensure they had a stable and robust business management software solution in place to be able to administer the new business from the outset. Due to rapid expansion plans, the solution needed to be flexible, the company couldn’t afford to be constrained by limitations of software. 707 Resource Management were full of ideas to enhance the service, so ease of configuration was also required to cope with additional functionality.

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