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WR1 Automated Planning and Scheduling

July 16, 2013

Accuracy from all angles with automated Planning & Scheduling for Waste & Recycling One

Is your transport management maintained on-the-fly, controlled in spread sheets and reported from manually?

Master Data is used in the planning and scheduling process to control vital aspects of the job, ensuring profitability.

Vehicles, resources, customer and supplier sites, capacity, routes, sub-contractors and the variety of costs are all maintained from master data in the job. So, when the work order gets to the scheduling stage it can simply be refined in the planning horizon according to daily scheduling dynamics and customer requirements.

This alleviates on-the-fly scheduling, which can be a costly manual process. Uncontrolled job management that can have an effect on customer service, overlap of routes, frantic administrative processes, duplication of activities, avoiding depot-customer-depot jobs that are expensive and do not utilise vehicle capacity or effective time management.

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