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Waste & Recycling One Value Proposition

January 18, 2021

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Value Proposition Overview

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems Value Proposition Overview

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition People

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – People

Waste & Recycling One has been designed to manage a range of waste industry specific business processes. For stakeholders that interact with the business, the process, work flow and user interface have been specifically designed to ensure speed, ease and accuracy of working.

Multiple user environments have been carefully tailored to streamline process between customers and suppliers, eradicating the need for additional data or transactional administration, resulting in automation of process.

The refactored Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems industry platform has been designed to enhance and extend these processes further. Utilising ISB Global’s low code application digital factory to develop and deploy mobile and web enhancements. Alternatively, a unique proposition is to invest in the aPaaS platform to take full control of your digital transformation, developing apps to enhance the experience for stakeholders and create greater advantages in use.

Due to the advanced architecture, data modelling throughout the software and integrated process coverage of the application suite, the business processes managed by users are easy to administer. Consideration on interaction, automation, speed and accuracy throughout each process has been carefully designed to provide meticulous, continual work flow, so data, administration and users can progress transactions with ease.

Embedded in these processes are integrated reporting and analytics. Outputting standard operational reports and providing intelligence on key performance metrics to provide benchmarks and allowing to build on and enhance success.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Planet

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Planet

Waste & Recycling One has been engineered in Europe following the most stringent materials legislation in the world. The inherent design of the software allows for product and materials hierarchies, characteristics and compositions to be moved and tracked from collection to recycling point and beyond using standard and enabled advanced technologies. Allowing for the traceability of materials throughout the entire supply loop.

Master data preparation and transactional data acquisition functionality is set up to monitor material flows through planning, execution and variance capture so that inbound and outbound material flows are integrated and controlled with contracts, service levels, payable and receivable accounting processes. This allows for the exact planning and forecasting for feedstock accuracy, material operations, contractual agreements, accurate budgeting and facilitation of secondary markets throughout the supply loop.

The design and architecture of Waste & Recycling One allows for both accurate planning and supply of materials and also facilitates modern, simplified and sustainable operations. Where each process is optimised and controlled for cost-effective administration and low-impact logistics.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Process

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Process

Waste & Recycling One has been designed to standardise the traceablity for the global movement of waste and resource materials. Delivering the industry data and process continuity to aid the scaling of efficient and effective waste and recycling operations throughout the world.

The Waste & Recycling One platform has been designed and engineered using the latest business management software technologies, the OutSystems, low code, multi experience development platform. As standard, the software is integrated to SAP, providing further leading vendor standards in architecture, industry vertical and line of business applications to serve global requirements. Waste & Recycling One can also be integrated to other applications, legacy and ERP providing a platform for digital transformation, as OutSystems is designed.

The Waste & Recycling One application suite allows for the extension of operations by offering a low code development environment in which to enhance mobile, web and device connectivity using existing or emerging technologies. The ‘integrate to everything’ proposition delivers fast and effective digital transformation with architecture that is secure, scalable, easy to deploy and maintain.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Performance

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Performance

Master data allows for complete planning and control, optimising downstream transactional process, and delivering accurate cost and profitability governance. Outputting a range of operational reports and analysis for intelligence on commercial operations. Subsequent effect of process control and intelligence output is a highly optimised operation, ready for the opportunity and growth the green transition will deliver.

To enhance the Waste & Recycling One proposition, ISB Global offer the additional opportunity of the OutSystems platform as an aPaaS proposition to host the application and allow for total control of digital transformation. For smaller organisations, ISB Global can host these extended applications. Both options facilitate greater control and self-sufficiency with no lock-in as standard.

The application suite has been designed to add and enhance according to business requirements. By extending core or developing further mobile, web and connectivity applications, transformation and experience can deliver advantage in just days. From the advance of process, new data and intelligence can be output, enabling greater strategic use of integrated technologies, growth, efficiency and profitability.


Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Integration & Modernisation

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Integration & Modernisation

Waste & Recycling One has been meticulously designed to link and facilitate sequential process for efficient operations. The platform’s architecture and use of advance technologies allows an ‘integrate to everything’ methodology. With the ability to design user interface to enhance integration and match application, offering state of the art ways of working.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Data & Intelligence

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Data & Intelligence

Waste & Recycling One has been engineered to ensure data modelling is effective and ensures product and process are easy to maintain. Yielding easy, real time output of reporting and analytics to provide greater and timely intelligence. Building on existing process to continually enhance baselines and extend functionality by the development of new processes, integration and connectivity.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Innovation & Experience

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Innovation & Experience

Waste & Recycling One has been engineered with innovative principles at its very core. Years of experience, global industry implementations, business processes and vendor platform technologies have been aggregated to a revolutionary new platform, alongside an industry leadership alliance. Delivering unrivalled integrated baseline processes, allowing for rapid low code development, change, multiple experience, integration and connectivity to everything.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Technology Leadership

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Technology Leadership

ISB Global’s vision and mission is to utilise technology to lead and advance the waste and recycling sector for a sustainable, habitable planet. This is achieved by utilising the latest business management software technologies. Designing industry application, process, interface and connectivity for the industry to be able to apply both product and architecture. In turn, advance operations and continually improve digital transformation, achieving low impact, efficient, profitable organisations.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Waste Logistics

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Waste Logistics

Waste & Recycling One has been engineered to utilise the sequential building of master data objects that facilitate automated transactional process. The precise building of data components provides the baseline to plan, execute and capture variances to attain operational and commercial targets. With the ability to add process and technologies to enhance process further. Outputting data and intelligence automatically to monitor the variety of transactions associated with key process areas.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Recycling Materials

Waste & Recycling One.Outsystems – Recycling Materials

Waste & Recycling One has been created to manage the inherent challenges found in product and resource materials collection, recycling and supply. Materials and product master data, characteristics and composition functions manage the planning, execution and variance capture of resources. Integrating to production process, for manufacturing and reuse. Standardising, capturing materials and data for traceability and reporting for a scalable, world-wide focus on waste management.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Customer & Supplier Management

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Customer & Supplier Management

Waste & Recycling One has been designed to manage the complex relationships between operations, customers and suppliers. Master data objects deliver relationship planning, execution and variance capture control related to numerous services, payable and receivable processes. Ready for formatted sequencing downstream to integrated accounting and financial process management.

Waste & Recycling One OutSystems Value Proposition Financial Control

Waste & Recycling One.OutSystems – Financial Control

Waste & Recycling One has been created with whole systems integration taken into consideration. The application suite delivers the planning of waste logistics with master data objects to control items, assets and materials. From purchase to pay and quote to cash processes, through to accounting, financial and banking transactions. Ensuring what is budgeted and planned for is delivered throughout operations, variances captured and rectified with real time key performance metrics output for complete governance and control of the entire process.