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Waste Recycling Business Software

ISB Global has developed a suite of integrated waste recycling business software on leading vendor platforms. Meeting the industry specific requirements of the diverse global waste recycling sector. The software platforms include mobile, web, connectivity, internet of things (IoT) and interactivity, waste transport and recycling materials operations, the associated accounting and financial transactions, management information, reporting and analytics, which can be deployed in the cloud.

ISB Global Smart World


ISB Global has designed a low code, mobile, web, connectivity and interactivity platform branded SmartWorld built on the Outsystems platform. SmartWorld has been designed for ease and integration. With mobile, in-field, people and equipment integration as standard, choose from the suite of preconfigured applications or tailor them to your work flow, process, user experience, data, analytics and design requirements.

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ISB Global Waste and Recycling One

Waste & Recycling One

ISB Global has developed Waste & Recycling One, a waste logistics and recycling materials software platform. WR1 is designed to command business process, instructions and activities of waste haulage and resource materials manufacturing. Manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste recycling operations. Monitor recycling, reprocessing and refurbishing processes. And optimise inventory for sales of finished goods.

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ISB Global SAP Business One

SAP Business One

ISB Global has extended the preconfigured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform to fit specific global waste recycling industry requirements. Meeting the needs of private companies and public municipalities, SAP Business One delivers preconfigured integrated financial accounting management, purchasing, sales, customer relationship management, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, reporting and analytics.

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ISB Global Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

ISB Global support cloud computing and is an Amazon Web Services partner. Amazon EC2 is a web service that provides flexible, secure capacity in the cloud. Enabling the increase or decrease in capacity, payment for what you use, maintain complete control, choice of instances, operating systems and software. Multiple additional services, developer tools and technologies ensuring easy back up, retrieval, storage and cost.

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