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Waste Export – Unrivalled Logistics Capability

August 19, 2015

RDF & Hazardous Waste Export

Totus Environmental
Totus Environmental

RDF and hazardous waste exporter Totus Environmental has transported over 300,000 tonnes of material to the continent in the last 12 months, the company claims, following its establishment in 2012.

According to the firm it has become established in traditional markets in Northern Europe and Scandinavia alongside expansion into emerging markets such as the Balkans and Southern Europe.The company was founded in December 2012 by managing director Andy Jones – at a time when exports of refuse derived fuels (RDF) from the UK to mainland Europe, where energy from waste treatment capacity is significantly higher, have grown rapidly

Commenting on the growth of the business, he said: “Totus’ unrivalled logistics capability coupled with a detailed knowledge of the European waste and energy recovery markets has enabled us to develop off-take in new and developing markets where gate fees remain at attractive rates. It is this ability to innovate that gives me confidence in our ability to sustain this growth and further cement our position as one of the UK’s primary sustainable fuel and hazardous waste exporters.”

Recycled from http://www.letsrecycle.com/news/latest-news/news-in-brief-17082015/

Totus Environmental use SAP, Waste & Recycling One

“Totus Environmental is the result of over 30 years’ experience in the industry, now aiming to provide a service not offered or experienced before in the recycling, supply chain management, administration, tracking and auditability of hazardous materials (and now the waste export of RDF).

We needed a solution that managed the complex communication and documentation for the movement of hazardous materials throughout the world, it also need to be completely integrated, scalable and flexible so that when entering new territories we could easily deploy the type of reporting required for that material in order to ensure compliance in that country. After looking at several solutions one software solution and one company stood above all the rest in both the comprehensive scalability and willingness to work on the project, no question, we awarded Waste & Recycling One and ISB Global the project.” Andy Jones – Managing Director Totus Environmental

  • Provide an integrated, flexible, scalable, solution capable of comprehensive workflows & combining an integrated scalable, flexible reporting suite
  • Incorporate comprehensive materials management with hazardous characteristics and compositions with global statutory-body reporting, import/export and trans-frontier shipment codes
  • Manage stocked & non-stocked items across multiple supply chain, warehouses, storage methods and locations
  • Manage multiple customer and supplier price lists according to item master data, material composition and commodity pricing data
  • Comprehensive customer and supplier relationship management to manage complex, multi-currency accounts, receivable and payable processes
  • Comprehensive reporting, shipping and legal documentation built into business logic to optimise administrative processes
  • Manage the contracted supply of materials and specific pricing based on service level agreement, inventory status, materials types, planned routes and disposal methods
  • Integrate sales and purchasing to provide transparent, seamless buying and sales process steps, including requisitions and authorisations which are clearly auditable and easy to understand
  • Integrate Trans-Frontier Shipment (TFS) functions with multiple notification and movement stages; automated report generation for different transport methods; entry, transit and destination (disposal) points and certification
  • Integrated customer and supplier relationship management to systematically manage lead, sales stage process, activities, communications, quotations, supplier account management, contracts and payments
  • A scalable solution following standard business processes, built from template deployment in the UK and ready of redeployment to global business partners when necessary.

Download the full Totus Environmental Success Story