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Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas Success Story

November 9, 2018

Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas

Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas
Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas

Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas sign with ISB Global to implement SAP, Waste & Recycling One, SmartWorld DriviLogix & RoutiLogix.

ISB Global is incredibly pleased to announce the ongoing project implementation for SAP Waste & Recycling One for Warrens Group and Emerald Biogas, which is due for completion and go-live in November 2018.

The Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas

Warrens Group works with the public sector and private companies towards the elimination of food waste from landfill, which is both costly and harmful to the environment. As an alternative, the Warrens Group uses biotechnology – anaerobic digestion to treat food waste and organic materials, creating valuable resources and clean, green energy.

ISB Global, SAP Waste & Recycling One

ISB Global is an SAP Business One software partner, specialising in waste logistics, recycling materials, new energy, supply loops and circular principles with the integrated cloud software platforms SAP Waste & Recycling One.

Choosing Cost Reduction, Data Management, Governance & Efficiency

Warrens Group and Emerald Biogas chose to work with ISB Global and SAP Waste & Recycling One after implementing several different, separate software applications over the companies’ lifespans. The management team understood the inherent challenges of using separate software applications and were aware of the additional cost and resource operating in this way incurs. Warrens Group were looking for an integrated solution to reduce costs, administration and cycle times, to manage data, deliver control, ensure sustainability of the business and govern operations more efficiently.

Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas - Converting Food Waste Into Energy
Warrens Group & Emerald Biogas – Converting Food Waste Into Energy

Migrating from Separate Software Applications

The integrated software platforms differ greatly from separate software applications in that operations are integrated to finance and accounting. Also, following a bi-modal approach by utilising the integrated low code platform, SmartWorld which delivers mobile, web, IoT, connectivity and innovations. Available on any device and operating system

Utilising Bi-Modal Integrated Software Platforms

Together, as a truly integrated, bi-modal operation, the overwhelming value proposition is the immediate financial and operational return on investment by controlling and automating business processes with the use of master data administering transactional data, throughout the entire process, from an enquiry to a banking transaction.

Mobile & Web Innovations Platform

The process is extended into the SmartWorld mobile and web innovations platform. So that operations can run in real time using the same master data. You can choose from the existing SmartWorld suite of apps or develop your own according to the user interface, data capture, workflow or application required. Which is the inherent nature of the low code, rapid application development platform built on the multi-award-winning Outsystems (aPaaS).

Longer Term Enhancements & Competitive Advantages

Longer term return on investment is delivered by strategic and technical benefits, such as the enhancement of customer service to give extensive competitive advantages. The easy integration and use of new technologies to increase and complement the existing platforms, such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity giving additional efficiencies and intelligence to increase productivity. With continual releases and updates of the core ERP and operations platform, SAP, Waste & Recycling One.


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