Smart Bins

ISB Global’s smart bin sensors take the guesswork out of your waste management:  Enabling each individaul bin to report on how full it is, where it is and when – and by which truck – it was last emptied, our smart bins automate the waste collection process from end to end. The advanced real-time data enables collection companies toplan routes in response to actual need, reducing wasteful journeys and improving customer satisfaction levels.

Web Payments

ISB’s Online Payment Portal takes the pain out of payment collection. Integrating directly with your SAP Business One system of record and your bank, it takes the manual work out of your payment processes – that means reduced data entry errors, faster processing and billing and human resource that can be put to more effective use elsewhere in the business.


Missing a compliance deadline can have huge implications for your business, and businesses often get tied up in manual processes just to stay on top of their compliance. ISB’s Compliance Management app, your compliance team has all the information they need about risk exposure, compliance status and all key documents at their fingertips whenever they need it.