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Veris Strategies Success Story

December 16, 2016

Veris Strategies
Veris Strategies

Veris Strategies – Truly Sustainable Growth Strategies

“After building the business to a respectable turnover in a short space of time Veris needed to change the waste software and accounting system they had inherited. There was really only one vendor that had a suitable waste broking solution, ISB Global with SAP, Waste & Recycling One.” Simon Platt, Managing Director, Veris Strategies

ISB Global SAP Waste Recycling One Veris Strategies
ISB Global SAP Waste Recycling One Veris Strategies

Veris Strategies – Company Overview

Veris Strategies was launched in December 2014 offering a new generation of corporate sustainability solutions for business. Bringing together powerful operational strategies and inspiring communications to achieve smarter, faster results across the complete sustainability spectrum. For ambitious companies who share the belief that what is good for society and the environment can also be good for business. As part of their strategic offering, Veris provide a completely new approach to waste management on a national scale, putting people and staff engagement strategies at the heart of their unique zero waste solutions.

ISB Global SAP Waste Recycling One Veris Strategies
ISB Global SAP Waste Recycling One Veris Strategies

Veris Strategies – Project Implementation Objectives

Veris Strategies had inherited separate legacy operations and accounting software applications. This had suited their needs to begin with, however, now order and subcontractor management was growing exponentially, accounting transactions more complex and Veris wanted to enhance their already very strong customer relationship techniques, so decided that they required new software.

Key areas to enable and unlock growth were automated scheduling of jobs, auditability of jobs, transparency of costs and profitability throughout operations and accounting. Easy identification of margins, real time profit and loss analytics, easy invoicing, advanced customer relationship management and service, easy, automated online reporting and analytics, which would aid in the interaction for customers.

Key objectives also included:

  • Comprehensive job order management detailing line level profitability for customer charging, supplier payments, and if additional costs such as penalties were required
  • Easy to use Customer Relationship Management and Service used to increase competitive advantage, enhance and drive customer service standards
  • Transparent billing, invoicing and accounting processes, delivering trustworthy management information and clear insight into operations
  • Eradicate manual processes – cost management, subcontractor management, and operations transactions to accounting transactions
  • Utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), reduce cost with a pay as you go model, provide easy and secure access, reduce latency, centralise storage, eradicate risk of data loss with advanced disaster recovery protocols

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