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Taking Waste Mobile

March 31, 2015

Taking Waste Mobile – SmartWorld


Taking Waste Mobile
Taking Waste Mobile


Simply a SmartWorld – Taking Waste Mobile – A Complimentary Pilot

Waste Data to Mobile and Back Again

ISB Global’s set of mobile (and web) applications, SmartWorld, allows you to get data to your mobile in real time. Truly “Taking Waste Mobile” We’re convinced – the platform that allows you to do this on any operating system and any device and is so compelling, we’re offering a free trial, or a complimentary pilot.

Current Mobile Solutions

The trouble is with taking waste mobile is that a lot of current devices use “native applications”, or databases on the device or synchronise to another database in the cloud then update a back office or operations application in real time or in batch updates. We don’t like this. Why? Because we have always been about integration, we like that when it happens, it’s available and correct for all to see, as quickly as possible, that doesn’t mean a separate solution on a device, in the cloud, requiring updating, interfacing, special devices, or docking to download data.

Any Device, Any Operating System

So, SmartWorld is available on any device (mobile) on any operating system (IoS, Android), operates as an integrated extension of SAP and Waste & Recycling One, but doesn’t need it, although as I said, we’re keen on true integration.

Also, because we’ve built SmartWorld on the Outsystems platform we are really taking waste mobile by adding functions, changing user interfaces and workflows. quickly and easily allowing you to differentiate your business, offer greater customer service and utilise technology to give you a head start – there aren’t many companies doing that in this sector. We call that change, not development, as it can be completed in a very short time and should be. We’re so convinced that we want everyone to have a go at it.

Try it…?

Try SmartWorld Mobile, PoD and Logistics on a trial, if it works for your business after the pilot, start paying the subscription. Choose from – Mobile Logistics, Operations, Customer Service, PoD, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Task Management, Time and Purchase Requisitions. Some of our customers are already getting the benefits of using:

  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Tasks, Checklists & PoD
  • Logistics & Job Management Console
  • Reporting & Analytics Suite
  • Time, Expense & Purchase Requisitions

Visit ISB Global’s SmartWorld Page & Download The Application Overview         

No Investment Required

If you are thinking about investing in mobile devices, consider the SmartWorld complimentary pilot

  • Deploy Mobile Proof of Delivery (PoD) & Logistics functions on your existing mobile devices
  • No need for greater investment in specialised hand held devices
  • ISB Global will set up SmartWorld for you free of charge
  • ISB Global can change workflow and/or functions very easily to suit your operations
  • If it works and you see the benefit, start paying for subscription after the trial

No additional outlay, no need for expensive mobile devices, run mobiles on your existing contracts, simple and effective way of taking waste operations mobile

Start your Free Trial Now – Register Here