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…a whole lot of spreadsheet?

May 27, 2015

Do you use a lot of spreadsheets in day to day operations?


Do you feel as though you are using too many spreadsheets to capture data?

Does this make it difficult when collating information for reports on activities?

Are your staff continually entering new data on customers, jobs, vehicles, sub-contractors and price, invoicing and accounting routines?

The over use of a spreadsheet, manual, repeat data entry and manual reporting might lead to problems in the business. Incorrect pricing, wrong job details, materials, vehicles and sub-contractors can lead to unprofitable jobs, annoyed customers, lost business and incorrect business information.

It’s no one’s fault, there’s a lot of data, complex procedures and an entire business to manage.

So, why not look at one place to manage your data, administer business processes, from the beginning of a transaction to banking the profit.

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How SAP, WR1 cuts administration and increases accuracy

Master Data – One set of data maintained in one software solution to control and govern the entire process from start to finish. Ensuring key data is correct and process can be automated according to your preferences, unlike a spreadsheet!

Automation of Process – As there is one set of data in one software solution, SAP, WR1 can automate many tasks and activities, parameters and alerts can also be put in place alerting to things that are wrong, ensuring when the data moves on to the next stage it can because it is correct, unlike spreadsheets!

Operations to Accounts – One set of data and automation of process allows data to move from one stage to another without checks and without manual entry. Correct data can move from a job (and in the field on a mobile device) to purchasing and sales, then onto accounts automatically, ensuring data is correct when it reaches accounts, so billing can go out faster, is completely accurate, saves time and gives a true representation of what’s going on, unlike a spreadsheet!


Reporting & Analytics – As the data is correct and sourced from one place, it can be matched with other similar data from operations or accounts and automatically reported on. It’s available on a dashboard or mobile device, ensuring that data that is published to mobile, web portal or anywhere or anytime in SAP, WR1 is up to date and correct, not manually entered in a spreadsheet.

If you would like to see how SAP, WR1 (and SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps) can help your business cut administration and increase accuracy we would love the opportunity to show you. Also, we can formally prove the increase in time and accuracy as well as give you an idea on how to build performance over time and help with things like increase competitive advantage and customer service – detailing exact scope, mitigating risk and listing deliverables for an implementation project… Want to know how…?

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