A specialist resourcing service

The ISB resourcing team is experienced in all aspects of HR consultancy and recruitment. In addition to our consulting services, we maintain an active database of experienced project managers, business/systems analysts and technical support staff; all of whom have worked on multiple projects and are regularly audited to ensure quality of service.

Our philosophy is to ensure transparency throughout the process and to facilitate the seamless recruitment and management of resource. To this end, we offer a flexible model for engagement, where we can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end resourcing service, or simply provide ad-hoc on-site and off-site HR support as required.

A comprehensive solution

We can offer any one of our 7 specialist services individually or as a part of a fully-managed recruitment service. We work with you initially to scope the detailed resource requirements, whether you are looking to source an individual or an entire project team.

Once defined, we follow a structured methodology to ensure all resource is appropriate to your needs. We will undertake a review of your existing resource before identifying any potential skills gap and creating a profile of the resource required to fill the gap. We are then able to market the opportunity on your behalf and provide a candidate screening and shortlisting service before assisting in the final interview process.

As a part of our commitment to service excellence we also offer a post-recruitment review to ensure all resource remains fit for purpose.