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RWM 2015 Floor Plan

September 7, 2015

Heading to the RWM 2015? Thinking about mobile apps? Have a few questions?

RWM 2015 Floor Plan
RWM 2015 Floor Plan


Visit us and visualise the WR1 Quote to Cash process – The ‘cradle to cradle’ process on ISB Global’s specially designed stand

Visit ISB Global’s stand 4D74-E75 to follow the entire process, cradle to cradle, quote to cash and banking on our specially designed stand.

RWM 2015 Floor Plan – Visit ISB Global at stand 4D74-E75

Are you heading to the RWM 15-17th September 2015?

Would you like to know how ISB Global, SAP, Waste & Recycling One and our mobile apps, SmartWorld can speed up your processes and decrease administration, realise greater profit, provide competitive advantage and reduce the costs of your on-going IT infrastructure, while easily being able to add different functions, additional reporting and analytics?

Register your details now and come and visit us on stand 4D74-E75 to take a look at SAP, Waste & Recycling One and SmartWorld.

4 Areas of Project Deliverables, 4 Areas of Return on your Investment, Just One Complete Way of Mitigating Risk…

How can we speed up your processes?

By using one set of data in one software solution, with the use of master data, a quote is put on the system correctly, this flows into operations as a live job, is completed, then sent to billing. Access is available throughout the system to be able to drill from a quote to the cash (and the banking transaction) it’s made you. This also provides drill through auditing and access. You can’t do that with interfaces and separate software applications. Want to know more?

How can we help you realise greater profit?

By using one set of data in one software solution not only speeds process with less admin but allows all the components of a job to be combined before anything takes place against strict profitability parameters. If anything falls out of these parameters you can be alerted automatically. Auditing becomes easy and instead of writing off as the paper trail is impossible, you have controlled every aspect of the job before it gets into a state like that. Want to know more?

How can we give you competitive advantage?

Maybe that’s a question we ought to ask you? No, really, how can we give you competitive advantage? Whether transparency on price, reduction in job overheads, total clarity of profitability, greater management information, or inventing new ways of working like giving your customer access to a mobile app? Want to know more?

How can we reduce your costs and take advantage of new IT?

SAP, Waste & Recycling One is a software “platform”, we can host it or you can subscribe to it. You can add applications, functions, mobile or further reporting and analytics, you don’t have to know anything about IT, we look after the infrastructure for you, which means no more internal IT costs. Want to know more?

Saving on average between 20-80% per process area in administration time and increasing accuracy vs. separate software solutions, want to know how we prove that?

To see how the use of one integrated software solution, Waste & Recycling One, can radically improve your business performance, for as little as £9 per user per day and to have a discussion on the return on investment, click “Want to Know More?” now to register your contact details.

Download the RWM Floor plan 2015 4D74-E75