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Ribbex Optimise Routes

October 4, 2019

Ribbex Optimise Routes

“x3 the growth in 3 years with 3 staff”


Ribbex Optimise Routes

Ribbex Optimise Routes using SAP, Waste & Recycling One & SmartWorld – Ribbex offer a complete landfill-free waste and recycling business for operations of all sizes. Working with ISB Global to implement SAP, Waste & Recycling One has allowed Ribbex to grow 3 times the size in 3 years while running the back office with just 3 staff.

ISB Global has advanced SAP, Waste & Recycling One by adding the preintegrated logistics planning and scheduling web app, RoutiLogix. Utilising master data from SAP, Waste & Recycling One RoutiLogix provides a versatile logistics workbench to refine scheduling, manage driver and vehicle combinations, track job activities in real time, optimise routes, integrate with onboard equipment (IoT) and provide shift debriefs for greater control of in-field route operations.


“SAP, Waste & Recycling One & SmartWorld [Outsystems] has allowed us to grow turnover exponentially without having to increase staff numbers. This is down to one set of data, integration and automation of process. One process alone allows us to invoice at least over £80,000 p.a. which we just never used to have sight of.” Alasdair Coulson, MD, Ribbex UK Ltd

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One SmartWorld Logix Suite Waste Transport Optimisation in London

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Multiple software applications, no integration, manual processes, duplication of data entry and reporting
  • A growing sector, concern for the environment, businesses to be served, opportunity for profitable growth
  • An opportunity to utilise technology, centralise data and operations, realise better service and growth


ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One RoutiLogix Logo

Why SAP & ISB Global, SAP, Waste & Recycling One?

  • A proven, scalable software solution with mobile and web innovations, integrated finance and accounting
  • A stable platform controlling standard processes, agile order management, driver and route management platform
  • Established vendors, partners and industry specific, integrated software to support operations and facilitate ambitious growth


“75% quicker order confirmation to invoicing dispatch”


Value-Driven Results

  • 3 times the growth in 3 years without low value administrative overheads leaves Ribbex free to invest in core business equipment and technology, fuelling further growth
  • Integrated business management software controls and automates process so no redundant data administration, small, sustainable staff team add value in every process
  • Mobile, web and IoT integration to onboard weighing, keeps track of assets, jobs and captures variances from plan automatically, keeping control of costs and maximising profitability
  • Control of operations pricing data in one place allows for complete control throughout process and ensures quick updates, tailored pricing, customer onboarding, cost and profit control
  • Integrated finance and accounting reduces debtor days, increases cash flow, allows for real time invoicing and accounting cycle times to be instantaneous