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Resource Event 2016

February 8, 2016

Resource Event 2016
Resource Event 2016


Resource is the leading conference-led exhibition that helps businesses take steps towards resource efficiency and the circular economy.

Resource connects professionals from across the textiles, automotive, food, retail, chemicals, construction and electrical industries to help them to learn about the circular economy, network and find new partners and solutions.

Resource Event 2016 – #Thinkcircular

The #ThinkCircular theatre will bring together thought leaders from across Europe to share the latest thinking, insight and analysis around corporate resource efficiency and circular economy modelling.

Across three days, our carefully selected speakers will give case studies, examples and advice on modelling and adoption of CE strategy, with a practical and commercial focus. All sessions will centre around business critical issues and valuable content, making the conference central to any large or small business looking to learn more or progress a desire to reduce waste, increase efficiency, reduce resource susceptibility and adopt long term profit based CE strategies.

  • Product modularity and durability vs. cost
  • Scope for remanufacturing as part of business model
  • Sharing economy – selling service in a performance economy
  • Creating the business case for circularity – analysing impact vs. cost
  • Consumer attitudes to ownership and synthetic ownership
  • Reverse logistics and collaboration – finding commercial models
  • LCA and materials impacts – small changes, large impacts
  • Ecodesign – product and packaging cost savings and innovation
  • Disruptive business risks in the short to long term
  • Technology as an enabler – smart products
  • Communication and messaging – getting it right
  • Innovation, collaboration and sharing ideas cross sector
  • Doing more with less, reducing risks and doing ‘sustainable’ business
  • Regulatory change: likely impacts in the year ahead

See the full program here

Resource Event 2016 – #Buildcircular

A seminar area devoted to applying circular economy principles in the built environment. With around 80% of resources going into the built environment, there are huge wins if we can apply circular thinking in the construction sector.

  • How can we build with recovery in mind?
  • Which materials perform best in an LCA?Steel/concrete/timber usage
  • How much flexibility should be factored in?
  • Modular building and non-destructive building techniques
  • Buildings as materials banks: should we reconsider ownership?
  • How do we design and construct with recycling in mind?
  • Using ‘waste’ in new construction materials, standards and performance
  • Reusing legacy structures to minimise demolition
  • Resource efficient construction techniques/build offsite
  • Using legacy materials and structures
  • Reducing waste in the construction process – reverse logistics and recovery
  • Standardisation of building methods and processes to aid deconstruction

See the full program here

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Resource Event 2016 – ISB Global #RiDx – The Resource Information Data Exchange

RiDx Software Platform
RiDx Software Platform

The Resource Information Data Exchange (RiDx) software platform, a collaborative web portal, is built on Outsystems agile development platform, branded “SmartWorld” by ISB Global and is a mobile and web innovation layer. It has new ways of developing software that allow for the quick and easy coding of “front end” environments, allows us to develop workflow and processes that are particularly suited to customer facing, task based, front office or in-field applications.

The RiDx platform was built from the extensive experience ISB Global’s team has in downstream oil and gas applications. The RiDx manages the work instruction and financial transactions associated with the supply chain or in the circular economy supply loops as is described in the above diagram. The RiDx allows companies large and small a transaction environment in which to receive instruction, add value and send materials on, quickly and easily online, on any operating system and any device. The real benefit is integrating the RiDx web application suite into SAP Business One and Waste & Recycling One, as it has been designed but this doesn’t have to be the case for very small operations and start-ups focussed on the new opportunities the circular economy brings, suiting companies that are able to manage activities without the need for more extensive back office software applications. Read More.

waste recycling one
Waste Recycling One

Waste & Recycling One

Waste & Recycling One (WR1) is built by ISB Global in the framework of SAP Business One (Software Development Kit / SDK). It allows us to meet the specific needs of waste logistics and recycling materials companies and organisations, covering activities in haulage and transport, depot management with direct weighbridge integration, recycling and reprocessing, inventory management, distribution and export of recycled materials, outsourcing services and extensive subcontractor management, advanced materials management (hazardous or organic) with batch, serial traceability, sales of recycled and refurbished products and legislative waste and recycling reporting as standard.

So, suitable for all companies and materials handling organisations with a focus on resource efficiency. ISB Global is supported by SAP for distribution and implementation of the product globally. Read More

SAP Business One
SAP Business One

SAP Business One

SAP Business One has been built for small to mid-sized companies. It’s a preconfigured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. Contains functionality in accounting, banking, purchasing, sales, CRM, customer service, warehouse and logistics, manufacturing and distribution. Everything a company requires in integrated business management software.

SAP Business One has a range of preconfigured accessible reports built in the software and comes with fully scalable SAP Business Object Crystal Reports, with dashboards right through to enterprise level Crystal Reports Server Predictive Analytics, so from invoice to KPI monitoring and understanding what your customers are going to do next is embedded in the software ready to use when the business case is there. It also manages fixed assets, plant maintenance (CMMS), hire and leasing of equipment giving total traceability and value to the lifecycle of assets.

There are a number of other helpful functions in the toolkit that are designed to support and maintain the software, driving down the cost of ownership. Read More.

Partnership with RiDx Software Platform
Partnership with RiDx Software Platform

Resource Event 2016 – Stand R4000

ISB Global is looking for partners to help refine the RiDx software platform to facilitate greater use across a number of sectors to aid the transition to a circular economy. Organisations include, local authority waste management divisions, waste logistics, reprocessing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, sharing, leasing and hire companies. And larger companies with subsidiaries interested in resource efficiency. If you are interested to know more please get in contact.Register Here.

RiDx Software Platform Full Overview

RiDx Software Platform Summary