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Public Sector Waste Management Software

September 5, 2016

Waste & Recycling One for Public Sector & Municipalities

Waste Recycling One for Public Sector & Municipalities
Waste Recycling One for Public Sector & Municipalities

SAP Waste & Recycling One for council and local authorities supports outsourced or insourced waste logistics and recycling materials operations. Offering a suite of integrated software platforms that facilitates greater control and governance with cost efficiency, subcontractor logistics, in-house assets, remote site management, distributed energy projects, materials value and citizen engagement programs. Integrating mobile, web, operations and accounting processes in an affordable small and midsize SAP architecture and complimentary software platforms for sustainable integrated processes to help the transition to digital transformation, smart cities, IoT initiatives and circular supply loops.

Who is ISB Global?

ISB Global is an SAP partner reselling licenses for SAP Business One, SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for small to midsize operations. This part of the software looks after management accounting, purchasing, sales, CRM, manufacturing and logistics. We call it ‘software for life’ as when you need more functions to it you can easily scale, adding something that’s pre-configured and pre-integrated, like Fixed Assets and Plant Maintenance and expand on the SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports for analytics capabilities. There is even a software development kit, to build your own applications if you require.

ISB Global also specialise in waste logistics, recycling materials, new energy and environmental sectors for organisations that move resources from one place to another for recycling, refurbishing or reprocessing – any materials. We have taken the software development kit in SAP Business One and built an order management, planning, scheduling, plant, customer service, billing and compliance application and aptly called it Waste & Recycling One (WR1). The unique selling proposition (amongst others) is that WR1 is ‘integrated’.

Where is ISB Global’s Focus?

ISB Global’s focus on business improvement. This is achieved by carefully controlled software project implementation methodologies, which deliver automation of tasks by linking all your business processes by using master data in one application (integration rather than interfacing) mobile to operations to accounts. The software platforms are pre-configured and preintegrated and use one set of data, rather than multiple applications that are interfaced (or not).

So, from mobile to operations to accounting, we can speed performance, decrease time to administer, eradicate manual process, manual data input and manual checks. The result is the automation of process, greater accuracy, better control and reduction in costs. In turn this delivers enhanced services, sustainable operations and a suite of innovative tools, which deliver accurate data and analytics and can help facilitate digital transformation and its variety of objectives.

What does ISB Global do?

ISB Global has been working in the private sector, implementing and supporting SAP Waste & Recycling One in waste logistics and recycling companies for multiple material streams in UK, Europe, Central and North America. ISB Global launched formally, globally and into the public sector in 2016 with a range of functional software platforms in mobile, web, operations, accounting and cloud due to the requirements for cost effective, flexible yet robust solutions designed specifically for entire end-to-end waste and recycling industry operations, with the key unique selling proposition (amongst others) of being ‘integrated’.

ISB Global focus on this sector only, and in 10 years, unlike conventional software companies focusing on separate applications, have become experts in not just waste and recycling logistics but innovative mobile and web applications, supply chain optimisation, waste legislation, compliance, reprocessing materials, closed loop supply and the complexity of accounting transactions that support logistics and recycling materials operations.

The concentration is on cradle to cradle activities and processes. So, from field operations on mobile devices, like subcontractors confirming collections or citizens warning of illegal tipping, capturing these details automatically to a work order. Through to waste and recycling operations, like automatic job scheduling, automated weighbridge ticket matching and supplier pricing according to master data controls designed to govern payments. Preintegrated to accounts to raise draft purchase orders, invoices and post financial transactions automatically from the work order (using master data), ready for payment via interface to central services, with confirmation back into the waste operations department. This integrated process also allows for the batch and serial traceability of materials and publishing through web portals to offer materials recycling data, total transparency and clarity of operations for information sharing with appropriate stakeholders.

How can ‘integrated’ software help?

The ability to link all processes in a suite of integrated software platforms with coverage across the entire business process, mobile to operations to accounts, using one set of data gives some incredible benefits to operations for a local authority using SAP Waste & Recycling One.

Through each of these business processes, ISB Global prudently state that we can deliver financial (cost) operational (administrative process), technical (continuous improvement) and strategic (service level enhancements) return on investment benefits that equate to an increase in efficiency in these areas of between 20-80%, this is a comparison to using separate software applications and is analysed as part of the business case in sales meetings and demonstrated, documented and delivered in project for mitigation of risk and the delivery of the return on the business case.

Additional value is also delivered by technical and strategic enhancements. The ability to add more functionality while continuing to be integrated to core operations isn’t usually available in separate applications. This can range from designing mobile citizen engagement applications, analytics capabilities or additional logistics capabilities.

What should I do next?

ISB Global would love to show you the mobile, operations and accounting aspects of the software. If you have challenges in running operations that amount from using separate software applications, which in turn means you have to use a number of spread sheets, manual systems, data entry and duplication we would love to show you how SAP, Waste & Recycling One not only eradicates and automates these processes but also gives the council/authority and waste department back control of subcontractors and costs with no additional work. We would also like to show you how SmartWorld can revolutionise your digital transformation, giving access to stakeholders with specifically designed interfaces and applications to increase engagement while always keeping integrated to Waste & Recycling One customer services and central services CRM processes.

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