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Nature Inspired Design

April 9, 2015

Nature Inspired Design – The Handbook

Nature Inspired Design
Nature Inspired Design

Nature Inspired Design for Positive Impact

It is easy to see why the ideas and examples of Biomimicry, cradle to cradle and the circular economy are so compelling. Instead of designing products and services that are “less bad” than the ones they replace, as established Ecodesign aims to do, the new paradigm is all about designing solutions that have a positive impact. However the ideas are difficult to put into practice, the examples are hard to follow. Where do you begin, where do you stop? How to translate inspiring design principles into tangible results and not just into conceptual product with no follow through?

An Analysis of 10 Dutch Companies

In the Nature Inspired Design Handbook, TU Delft, Erik Tempelman, Bram van der Grinten, Ernst-Jan Mul and Ingrid de Pauw learn from ten Dutch companies that have embraced the new design paradigm and have changed their perspectives from reducing negative impacts to making competitive products and services with positive impacts. These pioneering companies ranging from small design agencies to multinationals explore the forefront of Biomimicry, cradle to cradle and design for the circular economy, now known as Nature Inspired Design.

Where to Add Value?

Nature Inspired Design or NID starts with exploration. Instead of reducing ecological and economical costs, questions are posed as to where to add value. For instance, how can your service make people healthier or feel better? Which types of wildlife could your product or system stimulate? Where in the Product Lifecycle, especially after manufacture can you gain revenues and who to partner with to make this a reality?

Different Disciplines, Not Design as Usual

These are not the types of questions that a designer should attempt to answer alone. It is advisable to bring together expert from many fields a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach is however there are new skills in Nature Inspired Design, Biologists, Ecologists, Chemists & Physicians. More disciplines and different ones, as this is not design as usual.

Download the Nature Inspired Design Handbook

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