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Mobile Field Worker Productivity

July 22, 2014

Mobile Productivity for Plant Engineers

Mobile Worker Plant Maintenance SAP ISB GLobal
Mobile Worker Plant Maintenance

Increasingly, power generators are looking for ways to not only improve plant performance, but also reduce their operational and maintenance costs. Advances in mobile technologies hold tremendous possibilities.

One of the most comprehensive mobile solutions that holds particular promise for power generators, targets the performance and productivity of field personnel and others involved in work management. Known as an Electronic Work Package (EWP), the mobile solution uses advances in mobile technologies to transition craft plant employees to become knowledge plant workers who can drive operational efficiencies that, until now, have been inaccessible and unrealised.

Electronic Work Packages (EWPs) have the potential to transform the end-to-end work cycle and the productivity of the hundreds of individuals involved from planners and schedulers to field plant workers to those responsible for data entry and reporting. With EWPs, power generators can digitize the entire work package cycle.

Digital Field Worker Infographic