ISB Global Oil & Gas Solutions

SAP’s core industry applications, ISB Global’s portfolio of enhanced software and our industry experts, will help you identify optimisation opportunities and capture the benefits, throughout the entire supply chain

Supply Chain Optimisation Solution

We believe in detailed analysis, using powerful tools, objective measurement and fact-based recommendations. Supply Chains in Oil & Gas are complex, with numerous constraints at different levels such as production capacity and yield, primary supply, terminal storage, inbound and outbound loading facilities, customer delivery size and time windows. We have the passion and expertise to bring you the full power of modelling:

  • Unlimited what-if scenario building
  • Quick and thorough analysis
  • Unambiguous results and recommendations

Our partnership with Barloworld provides world-class modelling, using the CAST supply chain solution.

Oil & Gas Business Consulting and Project Management

Our team have managed many projects for Oil & Gas customers across the globe, always resulting in sustainable improvement:

  • Refinery Logistics
  • On-Truck Technology
  • Terminal Automation
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Customs Integration
  • EDI
  • Logistics Optimisation