New Energy Solutions by ISB Global

New Energy sector plants have significant challenges to optimise feedstock, assets, operations, health and safety

SAP Business One provides core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions: accounting, financials, purchase and sales order processing, customer and supplier relationship management (C/SRM), customer service, item master, materials management, inventory, warehouse, distribution and production.

Plant Maintenance (CMMS), Fixed Assets and Waste & Recycling One‘s Contract, Forecasting, extended Customer & Supplier Relationship Management (C/SRM) and direct weighbridge integration, meets the New Energy plant’s need for equipment up-time, contracted feedstock and quality management, operational efficiency, the sale of clean energy products within a compliant and safe environment.

ISB Global’s SmartWorld mobile and web-based solution extends functionality further by offering powerful tools to manage inventory, reprocessing, production, real-time order management, confirmation and invoicing for mobile, in-cab, and task-based activities on any hand-held devices. Particularly suited for New Energy companies that distribute Biogas, Biofuels and organisations generating clean energy products direct to grid.

An ideal partner for the diverse New Energy and Energy from Waste (EfW) industry

ISB Global’s versatile solution and expertise, alongside SAP’s pedigree in energy and fuels supply chain and logistics meet the requirements for a progressive, dependable industry, destined for unprecedented growth.

Our software solutions continue to offer multiple New Energy companies the ability to control costs, operate efficiently and manage risk while growing sustainably and profitably.

Cogeneration or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) generates electricity while also capturing usable heat that is produced in this process. This contrasts with conventional ways of generating electricity where vast amounts of heat are wasted. As Cogeneration plants can often be associated with joint ventures, asset-intensive operations and a range of legal entities, SAP Business One is ideally suited as a standalone ERP including comprehensive processes usually associated with larger SAP Plant, Energy and Utilities implementations.

Anaerobic Digestion refers to a range of organic material biodegrading in the absence of Oxygen. In turn, biogas is produced that can be used to drive generators to produce electricity, upgraded to biomethane or injected to grid. The digestate left from the process is also used as a valuable fertiliser for agricultural applications. Our solution is particularly suited to control contracted feedstock into AD plants, weighbridge integration, purchasing, sales and accounting, and Asset Maintenance for the efficient operation of the plant.

ISB Global’s expertise in Oil & Gas gives Biofuel companies huge advantages in the past utilised by multinational Petroleum, Chemical and Energy companies. Biofuel can result from a range of processes made by a biomass conversion from plants or plant-derived materials by thermal, chemical or biochemical conversion and results in a solid, liquid or gas form. ISB Global’s solution fits the industry incredibly well, utilising SAP Business One ERP, contracts and supply management with weighbridge integration for feedstock quality management, complex production processes, logistics, mobility and asset maintenance. Smart!World and Barloworld CAST meets the requirements for an optimised supply chain, primary and secondary distribution of Biofuels, as demand increases in cleaner transportation fuel products.

ISB Global’s software solution set meets the requirements for RDF/SRF production. RDF is fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste mostly from combustible components of municipal waste. Contract and forecasting functions to supply are integrated to the weighbridge, which can be directly receipted to inventory and production processes. SAP Business One manages core sales, purchasing and accounting functions while ISB Global’s extension to Item Master Data manages quality, grade and composition of RDF. ISB Global has also developed an extension to SAP Business One to manage the complex import and export of Hazardous (TFS) and non-Hazardous materials.

ISB Global’s software solution set is ideal for Energy from Waste (EfW), Waste to Energy or New Energy applications. Comprehensive, scalable and flexible processes in SAP Business One manage purchasing, sales and accounting functions. ISB Global’s Waste & Recycling One (WR1) manages complex reverse logistics, contract and forecasting to supply, weighbridge integration, advanced reprocessing functions, enhanced item master data for material quality and composition. Asset maintenance for equipment and production optimisation, Smart!World for primary and secondary distribution and mobile task management applications. Barloworld CAST for supply chain management and a flexible scalable set of reporting and Business Intelligence tools in SAP Business Objects and Crystal Reports portfolio. All helping lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the profitable production of cleaner energy, sustainably.

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