How can ISB Global & SAP help the Circular Economy?

By providing a networked infrastructure to aid UK councils and the Circular Economy.

SAP Business Management Software

SAP is the largest business management software company in the world. Many councils and local authorities use SAP due to large user numbers, complex process and the need for robust, compliant, multi-functional software applications in finance and procurement.

ISB Global has developed the pre-integrated Waste & Recycling One add-on for SAP Business One (for small to medium size companies), complemented by a set of mobile and web tools called SmartWorld.

The Resource Information Data Exchange (RiDx) platform is a part of the web toolkit. It is a customer and supplier portal, used to monitor transactions between trading entities.

Waste & Recycling One Resource Information Data Exchange Portal (RiDx)

As an SAP Software Solutions & Technology Partner (SSTP), ISB Global has developed the pre-configured, pre-integrated add-on Waste & Recycling One (WR1) for SAP Business One.

WR1 allows for the complete management of the end-to-end process for organisations to administer the forecasting, contracting and scheduling of materials; transport, haulage, logistics, billing, accounting and banking activities.

WR1 works irrespective of organisational model – whether transport and reprocessing for one or more legal entities is managed internally or the entire process is outsourced, including logistics and recycling materials services.

ISB Global’s SmartWorld set of applications, which includes the Resource Information Data Exchange Portal (RiDx), helps with the quick, easy and cost effective transfer of data between business partners in the Circular Economy. SmartWorld provides transparency of transactions and material master data between supplier and customer, as well as the value added in such a closed loop process.

Download the SAP, Waste & Recycling One Overview – Providing a Foundation Required to Help Manage the Circular Economy