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Gasrec Go Live with SAP Business One

August 5, 2013

Gasrec choose SAP Business One


With ISB Global’s proven experience in the Bio Fuel and New Energy sectors for their implementation partner.

When it was time to move away from separate software applications Gasrec chose SAP Business One as a robust, scalable, fully integrated software solution.

Formed in 2003 to develop a process for liquefaction of methane from landfill gas, anaerobic digestion and other stranded sources. In January 2007, following 5 years of technology development, construction began on its first plant at SITA’s Albury landfill site in Surrey. The plant was commissioned in June 2008 with a capacity to produce approximately 4,300 tonnes of liquid biomethane per annum, equivalent to 5.2m litres of diesel. This success marked a world first achievement and paved the way for Gasrec to develop into the leader in the gas fuel market.

The full success story can be found here Gasrec Success Story