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DriviLogix Route & Job Software

September 17, 2019

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ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One SmartWorld DriviLogix Route & Job Tracking Software

SmartWorld Logix Suite Low Code Mobile & Web Apps

DriviLogix Route & Job Tracking Software is the driver mobile application built by ISB Global. ISB Global’s extension of SAP, Waste & Recycling One to a low code, mobile, web and connectivity innovation platform branded SmartWorld, built on the OutSystems platform. A suite of prebuilt, preintegrated applications deliver agility and stability using traditional, efficient safe control, accurate data and processes from SAP, Waste & Recycling One. While being able to quickly tailor the existing application suite or deliver new functionality, data capture, workflow and interface to suit user and requirement, on any device, any operating system – connect to everything, connect to everyone. 

SmartWorld DriviLogix Route & Job Tracking Driver Software App

DriviLogix has an easy to understand interface which can be tailored to meet the needs of the team and add any additional workflow, logic or data capture function, depending on what is required in the process.

ISB Global SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps DriviLogix

DriviLogix – Simple to Use, Tailored Interface

DriviLogix is designed to help the driver work through and complete the tasks associated with their daily process. Collecting and transporting waste materials in different jobs and routes to get to recycling and disposal points.

DriviLogix – Vehicle Checks to Native App Use

Legislative tasks like vehicle checks, mileage recording, routes and job management, add notes, capture signature, use the camera on the device to take photographs of any variance to job workflow, raise an alarm, use map directions, take a break and complete the shift.

ISB Global SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps RoutiLogix

DriviLogix Integration to RoutiLogix

RoutiLogix and DriviLogix work in conjunction. A range of configurations can take place in RoutiLogix to determine the driver’s workflow, their tasks, activities and available functions. Determining how the driver interacts with the software and what and how they need to perform depending on the type of collection job. RoutiLogix acts as the control panel and the command centre for what happens in DriviLogix, ensuring that the team carry out their instructions correctly.

DriviLogix Integration to SAP Waste & Recycling One

Governed and controlled by the master data source of SAP Waste & Recycling One, the SmartWorld DriviLogix app is built on the OutSystems platform it works on any device and any operating system.

DriviLogix Integration to Onboard Equipment & Vehicle Management

Integrating to additional onboard equipment like a vehicle management system or onboard weighing. There is no need for additional tracking software, as the device itself can be tracked. Functions, software and hardware on the device can also be utilised like the operating system, storage and camera.