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Digital Economy

April 14, 2016

Digital Economy – Transformation for Small & Midsize Companies

Building a New Foundation for Simplicity & Growth

Transformation in the Digital Economy
Transformation in the Digital Economy

Digital Economy – Technology is being applied to all aspects of life. People, business, and societies.

The digital economy presents new challenges – what to do with all the data? But it also brings opportunities to be more competitive, to know your customers better, and to better predict future needs. SAP applications are uniquely positioned to be the best strategic innovation partner for small and midsize companies. SAP can help build your business and your vision for the future through the power of a digital business foundation. SAP can help you run simpler, leaner, faster in this hyperconnected world.

Digital Economy – Build Platforms for Foundations that Support Simplicity & Growth

  • The New Digital Economy is Bigger than Ever – Unprecedented challenges and business opportunities are everywhere
  • Why Growing Companies Should Run Digital – Buyer behavior has changed. Data is growing. You need insight, connectivity and scale to succeed
  • SAP: A Leader in Digital 40 years of experience, partnerships, innovation. Your best choice in a digital world
  • Our Portfolio: Simple, Flexible, Fast – Designed for growing companies in the digital economy
  • Start With SAP ERP – Manage every aspect of your business in real-time, with a solution designed to grow with you
  • Connect With Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere – Making e-commerce and customer interactions simple
  • Enrich Your Workforce and Supplier Interaction – More connections. Better alignment to support your business goals
  • Get Fast, Easy Access to Business Insights – The power of actionable information at your fingertips
  • SAP Partners Deliver Digital Expertise – Making SAP solutions relevant to more customers of all sizes and across all industries
  • SAP Customer Success – Proves the Value Delivering business outcomes that go beyond technology

Digital Economy – Bigger Than Ever

Hyper-connectivity – People, business, and devices has created a new digital landscape powered by real time data.


Hyperconnectivity in the Digital Economy
Hyperconnectivity in the Digital Economy

Most leaders are aware, but not acting 90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy*

Early adopters are winning – Early adopters are achieving 9%+ revenue creation, 26%+ impact to profitability, and 12%+ market valuation*

Industry boundaries are blurring – Every company is expanding beyond traditional industry boundaries and also becoming a technology company

*MIT Sloan & CapGemini 2013

Digital Economy – Run Simple, Run Digital

Transformation - Run Simple in the Digital Economy
Transformation – Run Simple in the Digital Economy

  • Simplified software and technology landscape, and lower cost
  • A mobile-connected, empowered workforce to make fast decisions
  • Real time connections to data, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Customer ability to interact when they choose, in a way that’s convenient to them
  • Technology that grows with the business and provides a competitive advantage

74% of buyers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions 1

72% of business leaders believe complexity has hurt efforts to meet process and decision-making goals 2

50% Small and midsize businesses struggle with data accuracy and quality 3

57% of customers already know what they want to buy before the first interaction with sales4

Sources: 1 – Gartner 2010; 2 – Simplifying the Future of Work Survey, 2015; 3 – Oxford Economics Study, 2013; 4 – “The Digital evolution in B2B Marketing” Customer Executive Board, 2012

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