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2014 Deloitte Energy Conference

August 8, 2014

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Deloitte Centre for Energy Solutions

The Deloitte Centre for Energy Solutions hosted the 2014 Deloitte Energy Conference in Washington, DC, on May 13–14, 2014. With the theme “A Global Industry…Competing Locally,” the conference focused on how global markets and capital investment can affect the strategies and operations of energy companies — as well as how talent and technology developed locally can proliferate to help meet and manage future demand around the world.

“A Global Industry Competing Locally”

The conference brought together executives, researchers, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, and Deloitte practitioners from around the world to share ideas for meeting and managing future energy demand. It provided opportunities for participants to explore broad trends, such as the global energy outlook, the rise of North America as an energy producer, and evolving business models in the electric sector. It also allowed participants to delve into specific issues within their sectors and to learn from the experiences of other organizations. Along the way, the discussions spanned markets, geopolitics, policy, public affairs, the investment environment, climate change, water strategies, research, technology, and cyber risk. This retrospective provides a snapshot of the memorable themes and insights from the event along with links to other conference materials.

  • Depending upon the analysis, global energy demand is expected to grow somewhere between 30–60% over the next 20 years. While energy is consumed locally, meeting the demand for it is a global challenge requiring unprecedented levels of cooperation.


  • The United States has entered an era of supply abundance as a result of the shale revolution, with opportunities rippling throughout the domestic economy and across global energy markets. In order to fully realize these opportunities, the energy industry must not only compete globally but also locally to win public support and maintain its social license to operate.


  • Food, water, and energy are interdependent and all three are at the heart of sustainability challenges. Climate change, energy demand, population growth, and the surging middle class are driving resource constraints around the world and increasing the issue of water stress.


  • A “full energy portfolio” approach incorporating natural gas, renewables, energy efficiency, 21st century coal, and nuclear power is essential for power and utility companies to fulfill their mandate of supplying safe, reliable, affordable — and now environmentally responsible — electricity.


  • Capital remains widely available for funding the enormous infrastructure requirements of the U.S. energy industry, but a confluence of factors suggests the cost of capital will increase.


  • Innovation is occurring at an accelerated pace across all energy sectors — technology, business models, and operational practices. Yet, there is room — and an absolute imperative — for more.


  • Regulatory models may need to be re-examined in light of the electricity sector’s disruptive innovation. For many of the supply chain participants, bundled, volumetric pricing does not accurately reflect the value they deliver.


  • Oil is the most globalized industry accounting for 90% of the transportation fuel in the United States. As long as the transportation sector relies on oil, the United States, like all nations, will be dependent on global energy markets


The overview report contains summary presentations, speeches and additional materials on:


  • Global Energy Outlook
  • Natural Gas: Fueling Business Globally
  • Sustainable Energy for All
  • Global Water Strategy
  • The Future of Coal
  • North American Electricity Landscape
  • Energy Regulatory Landscape
  • Energy Investment Environment
  • Energy Technology Developments
  • U.S. Department of Energy: Perspectives on Energy Strategy
  • Oil Security 2025: U.S. National Security Policy in an Era of
  • Domestic Abundance


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