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Data Control Difficulty?

June 25, 2015

Do you use several different software applications?

Data Control
Data Control

Difficulty controlling data across several software applications?

Does your business suffer from several versions of the truth?

Do you have several software applications to manage different activities in your business? Can it lead to lengthy manual reporting routines that give multiple answers, making information difficult to trust?

Data Control – Quickly!

Separate software applications can be really useful, especially when you are starting a business, diversifying, or need to add some data capture tools or functions quickly. But what happens when additional processes are involved to capture data, output and uploads from one application to another or have to build a specific interface to try to link those business activities?

Manual intervention or data entry, separate software applications like spread sheets, separately built technical interfaces or batch uploads can lead to difficult data administration, manual checks and routines, imports and exports, untrustworthy data and management information – worse still, incorrect accounting data or financial positioning of the company.

Data Control – Long Term

By maintaining the data in one software solution, in one end to end process, there is no need for separate software applications, data is maintained correctly to report on throughout the entire process, available in real time, accurate, automated and correct.

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Cutting administration, increasing accuracy and delivering trustworthy data


Data is taken from separate software applications, analysed, cleaned and loaded into SAP, Waste & Recycling One using specific data tools to ensure the job is completed correctly. It’s checked in a test database before going live, ensuring that the end to end process can be automated and controlled so no need for manual intervention and checks.


Data is added to as it moves through the end to end process and used to calculate transactions for example, customer, material and price, triggered by the weighbridge to confirm weight and raises a sales order ready to automate a journal transaction to the correct nominal codes, then emailed to the customer automatically for payment and subsequent banking transaction.


Data is maintained in the software by automated upload using the toolkit or maintained by the use of internal tools, for example, an exchange rate or percentage increase to a price filter makes administration easy and quick and can be applied instantly to a material price in a particular area of the country, for example.


Reporting & Analytics 

As the data is correct and sourced from one place, it can be matched with other similar data from operations or accounts and automatically reported on. It’s available on a dashboard or mobile device, ensuring that data that is published to mobile, web portal or anywhere or anytime in SAP, WR1 is up to date and correct, not manually entered in a spread sheet.

If you would like to see how SAP, WR1 (and SmartWorld Mobile & Web Apps) can help your business cut administration, speed and automate billing and deliver information you can trust, we would love the opportunity to show you.

Also, we can formally prove the increase in time and accuracy as well as give you an idea on how to build performance over time and help with things like increase competitive advantage and customer service – detailing exact scope, mitigating risk and listing deliverables for an implementation project, want to know how…?

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