SAP Business One, Waste & Recycling One in the Cloud

The requirement for cost-effective software applications that drive real business value is now of paramount importance. Small and midsize companies require hosted, cloud subscription software to maintain their accounting, operational, mobile and web solutions, and they need them in easy-to-manage payment models.

There is also a need to access agile and flexible environments, to drive transformation, automate a process and link all aspects of the business, to create quick mechanisms for interaction, growth and competitive advantage. SAP Business One, Waste & Recycling One and ISB Global’s mobile and web application set, SmartWorld achieve just that.

Cloud Simplicity

SAP Business One, Waste & Recycling One and SmartWorld can be delivered in one easy-to-digest monthly payment, giving you a truly integrated experience that includes accounting, operations, mobility and analytics.

  • Increase your ability to deliver solutions to your customers, helping them to achieve their business objectives
  • Protect your data in the cloud on one integrated solution with private and public stakeholder access to different applications
  • Ensure consistent data, user and stakeholder experience by integrating everyone, all business processes and tasks into one cloud platform
  • Quickly respond to the requirement for new innovations in mobile, social and analytics in one cloud application
  • Give access to those customers and suppliers who you work with closely in a collaborative web portal
  • Get data quickly and easily so that you can analyse and publish to those that need it to make informed decisions

Cloud Investments

ISB Global’s industry-specific cloud subscription software application set is delivered as an affordable monthly subscription model, giving you first-class integrated accounting, operations, mobile and analytics applications that suit your requirements and your business lifecycle without major up-front investment.

  • Integrated Accounting, Operations and Mobility link tasks, activities and the entire end-to-end process without the requirement for costly infrastructure and know-how
  • One easy, monthly payment has quicker time-to-value with an affordable set-up cost and training, giving immediate return on your investment
  • Set up includes training for ease of use and self-sufficiency lowering the total cost of ownership
  • Designed to grow with your company, if you want to add functionality simply ask and we’ll add the additional functions that you require, in the cloud, simply and cost effectively
  • Support and maintenance are included, ongoing updates, upgrades and innovation delivered in a fraction of the time with no disruption to the cloud platform
  • You don’t need the hardware or the resources to manage, ISB Global do that all for you. One platform, one solution, one monthly hassle-free subscription

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