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Software as a Service

ISB Global deploys SAP Waste & Recycling One using software as a service components. The integrated cloud software platforms have been engineered to deliver a technically advanced, industry focused abundance of functional and best practice business processes. Utilising leading vendor software platforms for constant advance, direction and lifecycle management. Mobile, web, IoT connectivity and software innovation applications are implemented as software as a service. Leveraging the benefits of investment, architecture, configuration, development and the ease and speed of change necessary for any business operating in waste, recycling, circular supply and the environmental sector.

ISB Global Software as a Service Architecture

SaaS Architecture

ISB Global deploys SAP, Waste & Recycling One as innovative mobile, web and Internet of things (IoT) apps as software as a service. Applications are multi tenant and hosted on standard application servers. Waste & Recycling One is specifically designed to be configurable and customisable, with options for logical and physical segregation to serve data and tenants with tailored apps, delivering total flexibility with security for deployment and access.

Customisable Advantages

ISB Global Software as a Service Configuration & Customisation

SaaS Customisation

ISB Global created Waste & Recycling One utilising OutSystems low code rapid application development platform to adapt mobile, web, IoT and innovation apps. Adjusting application, user, logic, work flow, device and data capture requirements. Designed to create processes and experience that suit the need of any stakeholder, to connect and integrate to anything. Software to optimise today’s functional and technical, integration and collaboration requirements.

Design & Refine

ISB Global Software as a Service Open Integration

Integration Environment

ISB Global implements Waste & Recycling One as a platform suite of mobile, web, IoT connectivity and innovation applications. Built on OutSystems low code development platform the apps are completely customisable and also serve as an integration environment. Extending and connecting operations, ERP, sensors, weighbridges, scales, on board and production equipment. Integrate, build logic, deliver intelligence, enhance user and operations efficiency.

Connect to Anything

ISB Global Software as a Service User Designed

User Experience

ISB Global has engineered Waste & Recycling One to be designed for change. Combining software as a service benefits and mitigate associated security and data challenges with OutSystems. Resulting in a bi-modal architecture - user experience, work flow, data, logic, process and integration can be modified, quickly and easily in the low code environment. Delivering dynamic business operations, connecting and collaborating for advantage and efficiency.

Create & Connect