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BinLogix Smart Bins

February 7, 2017

BinLogix – SmartSolutions for Your Field Service Waste Operations


BinLogix SmartBins YouTube Presentation
BinLogix SmartBins YouTube Presentation

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Confidential ‘Confi’ Consoles

BinLogix SmartBins Confidential Waste Containers
BinLogix Smart Bins Confidential Waste Containers

All companies need to comply with the Data Protection Act as they generate a confidential waste stream that needs a compliant disposal service.

How can you establish that your consoles are operating to their optimal fill level? How do you identify which of your consoles are becoming full? Overfilling breaches compliance, early servicing wastes money and therefore unnecessarily increases your waste disposal charges.

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Textile Banks

BinLogix SmartBins Textiles Clothing Containers
BinLogix Smart Bins Textiles Clothing Containers

Textile containers are an ideal method of capturing donations that can be either reused or recycled, saving many thousands of tonnes being sent to a landfill site. All operators however face a huge problem. How do they know when their container is full? The UK has lots of these special containers located in both urban and rural locations providing a vital service for charities to raise much needed revenue from this resource.

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Slave Bins

BinLogix SmartBins Slave Bins
BinLogix Smart Bins Slave Bins

Many large industrial sites now have a centralised waste management facility where waste and recyclables are sorted and baled to maximise recyclable rebates such as cardboard packaging and LPDE plastic film. A dedicated waste services crew collects waste materials from a variety of locations spread throughout the site. These can be located internally or externally depending upon operation and these are usually designated slave bins.

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Street Litter Bins

BinLogix SmartBins Street Litter Bins
BinLogix Smart Bins Street Litter Bins

All Local Authorities are looking to make substantial budget savings over the coming years. A service which can be easily tackled is their street cleaning operations. Throughout cities, towns, villages and places of interest sits a street litter bin. Local Authorities can’t remove these bins and hope no litter will be generated in that area. So, efficiencies in servicing these bins can be addressed very simply with a cost-effective solution. Firstly, establish how often your street cleaning crew visit these bins. Too frequent visiting wastes valuable resource in crew’s time, fuel and the associated collection vehicle’s running costs. Too infrequent visits can cause a waste container  overflow situation which then leads to complaints having to be actioned, which again generates costs which stretch the budget even further.

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Recycling Banks

BinLogix Smart Bins SmartBins Recycling Banks
BinLogix Smart Bins SmartBins Recycling Banks

Recycling banks are an ideal method of capturing a variety of segregated commodity streams that can be recycled. By keeping these materials segregated reduces the possibilities of contamination affecting this valuable resource. Saving many thousands of tonnes being sent to a landfill site. All operators however face 1 major problem. How do they know when their containers are full? The UK has many 1000’s of these special containers located in both Urban and Rural locations providing a vital service for where Local Authorities don’t provide a kerbside collection service.

BinLogix – Smart Bins for Waste Operations

Wherever your waste container is situated let it tell you when it will be ready for emptying, removing the need for unnecessary service visits to adhere to the high standards that promote efficient and effective local services.

ISB Global provide you with an advanced bin level sensor, Cloud based data collection, a proven fill level forecasting mechanism, and a smart bin app. Each waste container is easily identified on a map detailing the exact location, maximizing the efficiency of your waste collection operatives. Your refuse bin will provide the fill level information to you and your operatives, informing when the container is full so an optimised route can be planned, while ensuring you’re always in control of your bin performance.

Managers and waste operatives now get full visibility of the collection and emptying requirements in location, enabling you to adjust and optimize their collection routes and service scheduling to enhance efficiency and ultimately save cost.

BinLogix ‘Smart Bins’ Benefits

  • Full visibility, KPI’s and management information
  • Ensures contract SLA’s are met
  • Offers better on-site servicing
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • 24/7 app in the pocket
  • Reduced carbon footprint

BinLogix ‘Smart Bins’ Additional Specifications

  • In operation since 2008
  • External & internal reference locations
  • 1 transmitter, 3 receivers for accurate characterisation
  • Encrypted data over a secure mobile server
  • Data accessible from ISB Global’s mobile field service apps
  • Configurable predictive analytics and intelligence functions
  • 3-4 year battery life (depending on frequency of poling)

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