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Automating Waste Facilities Services

April 6, 2020

Automating Waste Facilities Services

ISB Global SAP Waste & Recycling One Automating Waste Facilities Services

Success Story – An Automated National Waste Brokerage Service with 80% Less Administration

Automating Waste Facilities Management with ISB Global’s Web Portal Technology branded SmartWorld.

“Waste & Recycling One & the web portal technology allows us to optimise communication between customer and supplier in a controlled process driven environment to allow for quick confirmation, billing, reporting and accounting process. Without it we would have at least 5 times the amount of staff all completing redundant data admin work.”

80% Less data administration by automating process; x5 Less the amount of staff required through automated web portal processes

Web Portal – Optimising, Process, Communications & Transactions

Automating Waste Facilities Management – ISB Global has advanced SAP, Waste & Recycling One by adding the preintegrated web portal technology, SmartWorld. The bi-modal architecture allows for agile, low code web and mobile development, controlling data and process, while enhancing interaction for users. The web portal technology allows for all stakeholders in the process to utilise a highly interactive, controlled, process driven web communications user environment. Allowing for the confirmation of a range of order attributes including order proposal and specific parameters, additional actions, tasks and activities associated with the outsourced order. One source of data ensures that pricing, resource materials, customer contact and subcontractor instructions are thorough, accurate and controlled. Numerous processes are aggregated in real time visually to display critical performance information for further analysis. Integrated, real time, cost reducing, profit maximising, and customer service enhancing. Competitively, the web portal makes it very difficult to challenge the service offered.

Before Automating Waste Facilities Management – Challenges and Opportunities

  • Multiple software applications, no integration, manual engagement with customers and suppliers, duplication of data entry and reporting
  • An opportunity to use robust process and web technology to reduce and speed customer and supplier interaction
  • Offer an enhanced, integrated and automated service reducing the cost of customers waste removal while preserving margins

Why SAP & ISB Global, SAP, Waste & Recycling One

  • A proven, scalable software solution with mobile and web innovations, integrated to finance and accounting
  • Software platform controlling standard processes, preintegrated low code web portal with analytics and reporting
  • Established waste industry experts and sub-vertical authority, backed up by leading software vendors and support

After Automating Waste Facilities Management – Value-Driven Results

  • Huge efficiencies delivered by web portal automation; communication between customer and supplier provides enhanced customer service, higher margins, integrated traceability and low overheads
  • Easily customisable web portal environments deliver uniquely tailored service to customers, specific to requirements
  • Controlled data and administration allows for quick tailored bi-modal web interaction while stable, regulated financial process administration, customised reports and analytics are published automatically online
  • Small administration and service team engage in administrative process when alerted to tolerance or service regulation breach, saving time, unnecessary personnel and effort while increasing service level
  • Dedicated information focused staff work on data, process and analytics to enhance efficiencies and service further