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707 Resource Management

March 26, 2015

707 Resource Management SAP Customer Success Story

707 Resource Management
707 Resource Management

“When we got down to two finalists and checked them out in-depth, we found that SAP Business One is the best integrated, hands down. Nobody else has integration covered like SAP.” David Adams, Director, 707 Resource Management

Applying Lessons Learned Through Extensive Experience

Adams and the others who founded 707 know the waste and recycling industry well, having successfully built and sold off several other such companies. One of the lessons they learned is that saving money and saving the planet can be complementary goals, a principle that became a pillar for the young company. 707 believes in turning waste into a resource by recycling wherever possible, with a goal of leaving nothing for the landfill. Sustainability is so important to 707 that it outsources the actual collections side of its operations, believing that there are quite enough trucks already on the roads.

Choosing All the Right Software, Fully Integrated

Starting off with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is not enough, 707 knew; it was important to have the right ERP software. “At our other companies, we had experienced firsthand the inefficiencies that result from poor integration,” Adams explains. “Therefore, we made integration an issue of paramount importance in software selection. When we got down to two finalists and checked them out in-depth, we found that SAP Business One is the best integrated, hands down. Nobody else has integration covered like SAP. Furthermore, several of the companies we expected to become our customers are SAP software users, and we wanted to be compatible with them for eventual electronic data interchange. Another important advantage of choosing SAP is the wealth of thirdparty software and services available.”

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