Look to the Cloud! Hosted Solution for WR1 Cuts the Cost of Implementation

SAP and Waste & Recycling One is now available for an easy monthly subscription. Get all the benefits of managing your entire operation at a fraction of the cost, starting from as little as £9 per user, per day.

How can you realise the benefits of Waste & Recycling One as the only truly integrated business management software solution, without the time, cost or resource to implement and maintain an on-premise solution?

Look to the Cloud! Waste & Recycling One is now available as a hosted service, so you can get all the benefits without the cost and on-going IT resource required to maintain the software, it’s done for you in an effective, easy monthly subscription payment.

Do you think that you could make savings and increase profit by giving your team better tools to do the job?

Additional information is available: Look to the Cloud!