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16 Nov 15

Selling is Dead

Long live Self-Serve Sales ! As consumers, we follow a simple and effective process to obtain information, compare products, check their price and get a freebie test drive. We self-serve. So why aren’t we doing the same in B2B ? Not … Continued

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13 Nov 15

Simple Cloud

Simple Cloud Computing: Keeping IT Simple Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are in a unique position in comparison to bigger companies when it comes to running simple. They have the option to invest in traditional approaches to IT, or they … Continued

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12 Nov 15

Customer Focused Simple

Customer Focused Simple – Leadership, Talent & Innovation Simple Technology to Focus on Customers The idea of simple in business and technology has been at the forefront of innovation for centuries. Businesses have always courted simplicity in the hopes of … Continued

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11 Nov 15

Simple Growth

Scaling SMEs: Building a Flexible Platform for Growth Scaling SMEs: Building a flexible platform for growth is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that discusses how high growth small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are scaling their organisations to provide resources for growth whilst ensuring flexibility … Continued

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10 Nov 15

Complexity – Why?

Think Simple   Leading Your Organisation Out of the Complexity Wilderness In the first of 3 papers on the role of leaders in creating a culture of simplicity, we explore the behavioural roots of complexity in organisations, to understand how … Continued

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9 Nov 15

Simplify Your Life At Work

Simplify to Grow Simplify Challenges Aberdeen’s research finds that 96% of Best-in-Class (the top 20% of performers) growing businesses have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. These solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes to face their challenges and provide … Continued

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4 Nov 15

How Can I Run Simple?

How Can I Run Simple In An Increasingly Complex World? There is always more gained from sharing knowledge than from hoarding it. And there’s plenty to go around now that we are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. … Continued

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27 Oct 15

Run Simple

It’s Time to Run Simple Unlock Innovation for Future Success Business simplification is a strategic imperative for today’s companies if they wish to unlock innovation and position themselves for future success in an increasingly complex world. Yet, many corporations are not aligning … Continued

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What’s the Value of Amazon Web Services? Businesses are being challenged to meet new customer expectations influenced by consumer centric applications powered by cloud services. It is important to understand the value of cloud services for enterprises while embarking on … Continued

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7 Sep 15

RWM 2015 Floor Plan

Heading to the RWM 2015? Thinking about mobile apps? Have a few questions?   Visit us and visualise the WR1 Quote to Cash process – The ‘cradle to cradle’ process on ISB Global’s specially designed stand Visit ISB Global’s stand 4D74-E75 to follow the … Continued

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