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24 Jul 14

Clean Energy

Science Snapshot: Nuclear Fusion as Clean Energy, Desert Fuels, And Graphene To stay innovative, it helps to stay curious about the trends in science and what may be on the horizon. Recently there has been breakthroughs in Nuclear Fusion energy, Graphene’s … Continued

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23 Jul 14

Deloitte Resources Study 2014

Informed & In Charge Knowledgeable Electricity Customers Seek Greater Choice and More Control of Energy Value Chain The Study provides a number of useful insights into U.S. consumers of energy resources, including three of the most critical questions electric company executives and boards … Continued

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22 Jul 14

Mobile Field Worker Productivity

Mobile Productivity for Plant Engineers Increasingly, power generators are looking for ways to not only improve plant performance, but also reduce their operational and maintenance costs. Advances in mobile technologies hold tremendous possibilities. One of the most comprehensive mobile solutions that … Continued

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28 Jun 14

ISB Global – SAP Connector to Credit Hound

Credit Hound Connector ISB Global is pleased to announce the official release of the SAP Business One connector to the popular Credit Hound product from Draycir. Credit Hound is a highly automated and advanced credit control software application which will improve … Continued

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Waste Mobility Solution – Success Story

SmartWorld – ISB Global’s Mobility Solution Workforce mobility is one of the most dominant trends in business today. The ability to extend access to business critical data and applications to an “any time, any place, any device” model has wide … Continued

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31 May 14

ISB Welcomes new Team Member

ISB is pleased to welcome Deepika to the team, she will be working in the WR1 Quality Assurance department. Deepika brings with her many years experience in SAP Business One and comprehensive SAP Add-Ons.

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21 Nov 13

Powerful Analytics from WR1 – SAP Lumira

Integrate, Engage, Collaborate  and Publish In today’s fast moving world of reporting and business analytics you need to have the data ready to slice, dice and give you or your team the answers, instantly. Waste & Recycling One utilises SAP Lumira … Continued

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30 Oct 13

Key Benefits of WR1

What are the key benefits of WR1 and what sort of return can you expect on your investment? Maintaining operations in a single system, with a tightly controlled implementation project and a transparent sales process, allows for total understanding of … Continued

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